Pennsic Photos

aerial view of north end
PW 28 Melee - used with permission from
in the thick of battle
aerial view of entire camp
You can find many pictures of Pennsic on the web by searching for "Pennsic" and "photos" or "photographs".

Below are a small selection of such pictures. These links will take you away from the official Pennsic website; the Pennsic staff has no control over their content and any comments or corrections should be directed to the maintainer of those pages.


"Medieval Warriors in a Campground in Pennsylvania" - Voice of America
"Faces & Places - the Pennsic War" - A local cable documentary of Pennsic 41: Every year about this time, we see people in medieval costumes throughout Butler County - they're in shopping centers, they're in stores - and many people wonder "who are these people, and where are they from?"


"Only a Game"
WBUR's (Boston NPR station) story on Pennsic War 32


General scenery:
"In Its Own Light - A Night-Owl's View of Pennsic War 33"
A small, but lovely collection of photographs taken by Rowan at War after dark.

Pennsic 32 fireworks
Excellent photos by Phillip the Pilgrim (mka Phil Reed)

Arts & Sciences Exhibits:
Pennsic 37, Pennsic 38

Pennsic 38 scenery
Front gates of camps, the Merchant areas, nighttime photos, taken by Alaxandr MacLochloinn

Scenery from Pennsics 33-36 (2004 - 2007)
pictures taken by Eirik Andersen

Opening Ceremonies (Pennsic 34)
pictures taken by Milica of Varna

"Pennsic Dreaming"
assorted sights from all around the War, taken by Darter the Chronicler

Combat photos:
Pennsic War Galleries
battlefield and tourney pictures, taken by Darter the Chronicler

Pennsic 38 Battles
Fencing, Belted & Unbelted Champions, Helms Deep; Known World Squires' Tourney
photos by Alaxandr MacLochloinn

Pennsic 37 Battles
Gates of Rome, Town, Mountain Pass, Bridge, Belted & Unbelted Champions; Known World Squires' Tourney
photos and videos by Alaxandr MacLochloinn

Pennsic 33-36 Battles
Pictures taken by Eirik Anderson

Pennsic 34 Battles
Bridge, Causeway, Field, Mountain Pass
pictures taken by Milica of Varnica

Battle of the Thirty
This tournament, a recreation of the famous Battle of the Thirty from the Hundred Years War, is held each year at Pennsic. All combatants must wear 14th-century style armor, and wield spears or pollaxes. Fighters hit in vulnerable spots or knocked to the ground are "killed", and fighters sustaining three head blows are "stunned" and escorted from the field to be ransomed.
photos from Pennsic 36 (2007)
Photos by Eirik Anderson
photos from Pennsic 34 (2005)
Photos by Eirik Anderson
Photos by Darter the Chronicler
Photos by James Barker

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