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Disabilities Camping Area Registration Form

The deadline for submitting this form is June 1. Camping space is limited, and reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.

This form is used by Disabilities Services for space planning only. You MUST STILL PREREGISTER for Pennsic with Coopers Lake Campground by June 16.

Camping in the disabilities camping area is limited to disabled individuals and those persons camping in the same tents as them.

Please contact the Disability Services Coordinator if you have any questions.


Contact Info
Modern Name:
SCA Name:
Cell Phone (reachable at Pennsic):
Estimated date of arrival:

Tent Info Reminder - you are allotted only 250 square feet per person. Your tents (with ropes & dining fly/sunshade) and personal gear must all fit in this space.

Number of Tents:
Total people in all tents:
Modern names of other people in your tent(s):

Tent 1
Tent 2
Additional Tents

If you have a free-standing dining shade/sun fly:

Dining Fly dimensions:
Preferred placement:

Additional Info
Do you plan to park in Disability Parking?
Yes    No

Are you bringing a scooter / wheelchair?
Yes    No

Questions, comments, or requests:

Spambot check:
Please type the number of this year's Pennsic War (Forty-three):

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