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Pennsic Battlefield Use

Battlefield Scheduler/Co-ordinator

Gilebert le Braceeur

Scheduling Events on the Battlefield

We have a big change this year: to schedule a tournament or other activity (martial demonstration, class, party/social, vigil, etc.) that uses the Battlefield, Fort, Archery Range, or a Battlefield tent, please register via the Pennsic University class registration "Thing".

Please check the War Point Schedule for battle times before submitting your request.

When registering:

The deadline to register and have your activity appear in the Pennsic Book is May 1st. Requests for battlefield space may still be submitted after that date. They will not appear in the book, but will be listed in the on-line schedule of activities.

Use of the Battlefield

Cars on the battlefield

There will be NO PARKING on the battlefield again this year except for the following: Cars/vehicles are not to be brought onto the field for any purpose without an official car pass. Please plan accordingly as there are a limited quantitiy of passes.

Pavilions on the battlefield

Monday, July 28 is reserved for Royal pavilion set up. Other pavilions may not be set up anywhere on the field until 8:00 am on Tuesday, July 29th.

Please request your space using the Group/Individual Battlefield Pavilion Registration Form, and Battlefield staff will do their best to assign you a location that meets your needs. (If you are unable to use the form, please contact the Deputy Mayor of Martial Activities to reserve a space.)

Pavilions may be placed on the South side of the battlefield (near the Rapier area), or on the East end (Middle Kingdom) or West end (East Kingdom) of the battlefield. No pavilions may be placed on the North side of the field.

All pavilions on the battlefield must be labelled with a tent ID tag listing the name and camping location of the owner. This is mostly for your protection and that of your belongings if it becomes necessary to drop a tent for any reason. Tent tags can be obtained from Information Point or Marshals' Point.


Please consider volunteering some of your time to help out! If you come to Pennsic to fight, please donate a bit of your time to help so that you, and all the other fighters, can have fun on the field. Please use our online Volunteer form to sign up (check "Battlefield" or "Waterbearers", and list specifics in the Comments box).

We need:

Description: Marshalling the War Point battles (see schedule) to keep the participants and spectators safe.
Requirements: must be a Marshal. During battles with combat archery, must wear protective shatterproof eyewear (as per Society Marshal's Handbook).
Set up and Clean up
It takes, on average, 250-300 man-hours over two weeks for the Battlefield to be set-up, repositioned for each War Point, and torn down. It is not all strenuous work, and the more people we have, the less difficult it will be.
Mornings - 1.5 hours before the start of each day's War Point battles (see schedule) to fill and distribute water bottles.
Afternoons - a few hours after each day's final battle, to collect, clean and refill bottles.

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