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Pennsic Performing Arts

Dean of the College of Performing Arts

Lady Lorelei Skye

We are excited to bring you another year of amazing, talented performers – musicians, dancers, actors, storytellers, and more!

Schedule of Performances

The schedule will also be available in the Pennsic Site Book. Any changes to the schedule will be posted on-site.

Where to See Performances:

Performers can be heard throughout the Pennsic marketplace, and can also be found at our three dedicated performance spaces:

The Performing Arts Tent is located on block N04, within the Pennsic University. (see map). It has facilities for performers, including a stage, lighting, and a small backstage area, as well as a generous seating area under a fully covered pavilion.

The Amphitheater is an open-air stage in a natural grassy bowl. You may sit on the ground or bring your own seating. It is somewhat hidden, behind the bathhouse across from the Cooper's store (see map). There are two entrances: one from the Great Middle Highway (across from Midrealm Royal), and one from behind the bathhouse (walk past the shower entrance).

The Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent is used for rehearsals and some performances. Some activities may be moved there in case of rain. On the map, it is the blank tent by the "r" in "Amphitheater."

Volunteers Needed!

Pennsic War would not run without its volunteers, and the Performing Arts are no exception to that rule. The five areas where we are seeking volunteers are:
  1. Performing Arts Set-up – On Tuesday and Wednesday of Land Grab Week, we build the stage, hang curtains, rig the house and backstage lights, and set up the chairs. This starts at about 10 am each day and continues until we are done. Come help us make the tent into a theater worthy of the name! Bring your cordless drills. On Wednesday we also set up the Amphitheater and the Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent.
  2. Tent Openers/ClosersEvery day, activities at the Performing Arts Pavilion begin at 8:30 am, and end after the final show of the evening. If you are an early riser and your camp is not, have we got a job for you! We need someone each morning around 8 am to help open up our walls. Are you a night owl instead? Help us drop walls and straighten chairs after the final performance, often around 11 pm.
  3. Water Bearing – The Performing Arts Tent has two water coolers for the convenience of performers and audiences. These often need to be filled twice every day. If you want to volunteer and only have a minutes to do so, we can use your help.
  4. Light Table Helper / Usher– Sit at the light board table during shows, help bring up stage lights and house lights as needed, help communications run smoothly between front of house and backstage, assist patrons to find seats, and announce shows as needed. Split shifts are available.
  5. Performing Arts StrikeFriday night of War week, after the final scheduled performance, we will break down everything. Again, bring your cordless drills. This will continue on Saturday morning from 10 am as needed until we are finished. On Friday afternoon we also break down the Amphitheater and the Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent.

Please volunteer by using Pennsic's online Volunteer sign-up.

We would also like to remind our performers that they agree during the application process to supply two (2) volunteers for the performing arts venues for set up and strike. Performers can indicate how they would like to help at the time they send in performance information.

For Performers:

The Pennsic Performing Arts staff are ready to assist you in scheduling your performances and rehearsals so you may share your stage arts with the Known World!

Performer Registration and Deadlines

To request space and time for Performances and Rehearsals:
Please read the Performing Arts Tent Policies, then fill out and submit the Performing Arts request form (one for each performance) in order to be considered and have the information printed in the Site Book at Pennsic.

April 15th is our deadline for requests for performances/rehearsals in the Performing Arts Tent or the Amphitheater.

Any requests received from April 16th to July 15th will be considered on a contingency basis in case of late or emergency cancellation of a scheduled performer. These performances will not be listed in the Pennsic Site Book, but will appear in the online and on-site schedules.

Performance Styles

We would like to encourage a wide variety of acts, but they should deal with the time period and the interests of the Society for Creative Anachronism – specifically the Medieval and Renaissance periods and the peoples and cultures those periods encompass. The exceptions are those performances which reflect specific aspects of our Society – its background, history, and culture/traditions. Performances that are blatantly modern in subject matter, music, costuming, scenery, and instrumentation are not appropriate for performance at the Pennsic War.

Thank you for volunteering to share your talent and your passion for the performing arts with the Pennsic populace!

Performing Arts Tent Policies

Artists who do not abide by these policies are putting this year's performance in danger of on-site cancellation, as well as consideration for scheduling in future years.

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