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Pennsic University

Greetings unto the scholars and students of the Known World! We of Pennsic University are looking forward to helping you learn.

The vast array of class subjects and teachers should fuel anyone's search for knowledge, and it is our joy to bring this to you.

We hope that you all will spread this learning throughout the Known World, and come back next year enriched and ready to share even more!

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Pennsic U Facebook page Visit the University's Facebook page for info and updates about this year's classes!

Pennsic University News

Teacher Registration for Pennsic 43 University classes is now OPEN

This year we have made further improvements to the already awesome registration system. Thank you to Griffin de Willingham for his work!

Artisans Row is moving!

This year, Artisans Row will NOT be with the University tents on St Lily's Commons; it is moving to "Tumbelhome Square", located next to the Great Hall and across from the European Dance Tent

For Teachers

Teacher Registration and Deadlines

If you are planning on teaching a class, please familiarize yourself with the FAQs, University Policies and Tent Use policies below, and then register to teach at thing.pennsicuniversity.org.

As in the past, registrations for new classes will be accepted all the way through Pennsic.

Classes that are registered by May 1, 2014 will appear in the on-site Pennsic book. Classes registered after that date will appear in the on-line schedule, in the Pennsic Independent and will be posted at University (formerly A&S) Point.

If you have questions about teaching a class or about the on-line Teacher Registration, contact the Registrar, TH Lady Artimisia Lacebrayder. She will be happy to answer any questions, but all requests to teach must be submitted in writing.

Thank you again for volunteering to share your knowledge and your passion for the arts and sciences with the Pennsic populace.

Pennsic University Class Scheduling System

The "Thing" allows you to register as a teacher and enter, update, and even delete your classes directly.

Returning teachers: please log in with the same email and password as last year; all your teacher information should still be there.

You will be asked to update your profile. Last year's "Arrival at Pennsic" dates are (naturally) no longer valid. Please take the time to make sure all your other information: Kingdom, Phone, Email, etc. are also up-to-date and correct.

You will be able to import your classes from last year:

Registered teachers

After you arrive at Pennsic, please check in at University Point at your earliest convenience, to let us know you are on-site and ready to teach, and to pick up your teacher tokens.

University Point will open on Tuesday, July 29 and will be open every day of War from 9 am to 4 pm. University Point closes for business at noon on Thursday, Aug 8.

If your class will be held in a private camp, merchant tent, or other location, please provide University Point with detailed directions to your camp from the Point.

Teachers are not required nor expected to check IDs or ages of anyone attending their classes. We trust that parents will use good judgement in sending their children to appropriate classes; and that the teachers will use good judgement and inform the responsible adult with any youth if material in the class is unsuitable for minors.

Pennsic University Teacher FAQs

General Questions

• Can the University make copies for me?
• Do I have to re-register like last year?
• Can I reuse last year's class information if I want to teach it again?
• Can I use electrical equipment?
• Does the University have teaching equipment?
• Do you really mean "No Limits" when it comes to class size?
• How much can I charge?
• Will I be reimbursed for expenses or receive an honorarium?
• How can I schedule multiple sessions of a class at different dates and times?

Class Registration Issues

• My class listing has an error
• I need a different slot for my class
• Why didn't I get the number of classes I requested?
• I had trouble using the registration form.    
• How should I write my class description?

University Policies

Topics: Classes taught in the Pennsic University can be on a wide variety of subjects, but most should deal with the time period and the interests of the Society for Creative Anachronism – specifically the Medieval and Renaissance periods and the peoples and cultures those periods encompass. The exceptions are those classes which cover specific aspects of our Society – its background, history, administration, and culture/traditions. Topics involving fantasy worlds, science fiction or fandom are not appropriate for classes at the Pennsic War.

Teachers are allowed to limit the number of handouts or kits available. Additional students may audit the class, unless this is a safety issue.

Only classes officially registered with the Pennsic University and following the University rules and regulations, are posted in the Pennsic University schedule.

No classes specifically for minors offered through the University or Youth Point will be permitted in private camps or merchant booths.

Please be courteous and limit your actual class run time to 50-55 minutes so class changeover will not eat into the time of the class which follows yours. For 2-hour classes, please limit your actual run time to 110-115 minutes.

Tent Use Policy

For Students

Attending Classes

There are no advance sign-ups for classes; just show up at the right time and location. The earlier you arrive, the better your chances for seating and handouts/materials (if available).

Come to University Point (formerly A&S Point) for help in finding times and locations of classes, or directions to classes held at other locations around Pennsic. We are located between the Motor Pool and Artisans' Row on St. Lawrence Way in the Pennsic University block.


Pennsic University Class Listings

Pennsic Book

The schedule of classes will be included in the Pennsic site book. However, the book goes to press several weeks before War starts. Additions, deletions, and changes to classes will be posted each day at University Point, printed in the Pennsic Independent newspaper, and available on-line at Thing (look under "Schedules/Changes from Book").

Up-to-date class listings

The full class schedule is available at the online University Class scheduling site, Thing. Use the "Schedule/All Classes" menu to view printable/mobile device-friendly versions of the calendar.

You can also create an account on Thing to follow the classes you want to take, and create your own personal schedule of classes to print off or view on your mobile device.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated to www.facebook.com/skandragon.

If you have any issues using Thing or any bugs or Kudos you wish to pass on to the developers, then please report them at https://github.com/skandragon/thing.

Class Locations

Pennsic University activities take place in several locations.

Volunteers Needed!

We strongly encourage volunteers to become part of the Pennsic University team. We have lots of work to do before and during Pennsic, and many hands make light(er) work.

Shifts: 2 hour shifts, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, July 29 through August 8th. On August 8th, shifts run from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Positions: Five people are needed for each shift:

University Point desk staff - 2 per shift, to answer questions and assist students in finding classes.

Pennsic University Ambassadors - 2 per shift, to rove around the University area providing directions, along with some other duties around the University.

University Point Shift Supervisor - 1 per shift, to answer questions and man the database.

All positions will be documented with easy-to-use reference cards, so you don't need any special knowledge, except the knowledge that we will think you are awesome!

To volunteer for the University (or any other Pennsic department), prior to Pennsic, please use our on-line volunteer form.

Last Year's Teachers/Classes


  • to get in touch with one of last year's teachers
  • to get information about a previous year's class, or
  • to request that a class be taught again this year

    please contact the Registrar or the University Point Coordinator by email or through our Facebook page.

  • University Contacts

    Chancellor of the University

    Captain Elias Gedney

    University Registrar (Class Scheduler)

    TH Lady Artimisia Lacebrayder

    University Point Coordinator

    Mistress Ciara macRobbie

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