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School of European Dance

The European Dance Tent is one of the nicest places to spend time at Pennsic. There's ample shade, iced water, plentiful benches, a beautiful dry floor, constant music … and dancing!

You can join in the dancing or just come to watch. Classes are taught all day, from the youth-oriented classes in the morning straight through until dinnertime. Then, we turn on the lights, set up the music stands, and revel far into the night. Everyone can learn to dance, and the more the merrier. Please come join us at the corner of Chandler's Road and Dragon's Trace, across from the Great Hall.

Duchess Thyra Eiriksdottir
Dean of the Pennsic School of European Dance


Greetings to all those inspired to play music for dancing!

  • All instruments (period or otherwise) are welcome, so long as they don't require electric amplification.
  • Players at all skill levels are welcome. If you aren't quite at the level of being able to sight-read the melodies at dance tempos, there are easy chords, bass lines, drones, etc that you can try.
  • We will have sheet music available for use in the dance tent. If you want your own music to keep, you can print out a copy of last year's The Pennsic Pile . (The Pennsic 46 updated version should be available in June.)
  • Musicians are welcome and appreciated to play for open dancing and all scheduled balls except the Thursday, August 11th ball - we have a band scheduled to play for that night. We are pretty informal - play as much or as little as you like, and feel free to switch between playing music and dancing.
  • In addition to the balls and open dancing, many dance teachers welcome musicians to play for their classes! Just show up and let the teacher know you're interested in playing, and be sure to check with them for the desired tempo and roadmap.

European Dance Activities

Keep an eye on the message boards at Pennsic for balls, revels, merriments, and socials throughout the War, or check the main schedule in the dance tent.

Online Schedule of all Dance Classes and Balls

Revels and Socials:

Friday, August 4
9 pm - midnight
Early Bird Ball (Dance Tent)
The first ball at Pennsic! Lots of fun dances and opportunities to greet old friends and to meet new ones!
Saturday, August 5
9 pm - midnight
Grand Ball (Dance Tent)
Celebrate after Opening Ceremonies on Saturday night! Enjoy the camaraderie before the war points start in the morning!
Sunday, August 6
8 - 11 pm
Beginners' Ball (Great Hall)
Never danced? Not a problem! We teach all of the dances and no partner is needed.
Monday, August 7
6-7 pm
Faculty Social (Dance Tent)
Meet the people who make the Pennsic School of European Dance happen! We encourage all students and dancers to come and meet this year's faculty and staff. This is a relaxing social event for our staff, teachers, revel hosts, and musicians; light refreshments will be provided and a group picture of staff and teachers will be taken.
Monday, August 7
9 pm - midnight
Under the Sea Ball (Dance Tent)
Join us for an "Under the Sea"-themed ball with dances from across Europe and across skill levels.
Tuesday, August 8
9 pm - midnight
Choral Ball (Dance Tent)
A choir will join the live band to create a unique ball experience - singing the original lyrics to our familiar tunes while we dance!
Wednesday, August 9
3-5 pm
Dancing in the Villa: A 15th-Century Italian Ball (at Casa Bardici)
Join us for an Italian ball in the lovely Medici-inspired villa, accompanied by Musica Tramontana. Join us for this unique experience.
Thursday, August 10
9-11 am
Children's Ball (Dance Tent)
All dancing is fun…but never more so than when it is a party! Come join us for music, refreshments and dance!
Thursday, August 10
9 pm - midnight
Festa di San Lorenzo (Dance Tent)
Countess Judith of Northumbria invites one and all to celebrate the Festa di San Lorenzo in the customary manner: with delightful dance, voluptuous victuals, grand games, and bountiful beverages.

Dance Updates & Announcements

Please visit our Facebook page for updates and announcements about this year's Pennsic School of European Dance.

If you would like to receive email updates, please send an email request to the Dean.

Dance staff

Dean of the School of European Dance: Duchess Thyra Eiriksdottir
Dance Pavilion Floor Coordinator: Mistress Serafina Alamanni
Daily Pavilion Coordinators: Lord Hamish McPhersone and Lady Helena Hrolfsdottir
Schedule Coordinator: Lord Wilhelm of Northpass
Music Coordinator: Master Aaron Drummond
Web Minister: Master Gregory Blount
Publicity Coordinator: Lady Lorita de Sienna
Minister of Mischief & Merriment:Lord Ari Thorbrandsson

Additional info

Please visit for information on this year's

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