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Battlefield Pavilion Registration form

Please submit a separate form for each tent or Pavilion you wish to set up on the battlefield.

All tents on the battlefield must have an ID tag listing the name and camping location of the owner. This is mostly for your protection and that of your belongings if it becomes necessary to drop a tent for any reason.

Tent tags can be obtained from Information Point or Marshals' Point, and should be placed in a zippered plastic bag and taped to the structure.

Contact Info
Your Group's Name
Contact Person (Modern Name)
Contact Person (SCA Name)
Contact info before Pennsic

Email and/or phone number
How to reach you during Pennsic (in case there are any problems such as storm damage) *

Cell phone # / Group you are camping with / Block number

Tent info
Tent size (please include ropes in your dimensions)
On which side of the battlefield do you wish to set up your tent?
Note: The Eastern and Midrealm royal pavilions will be on the West side of the battlefield, and Æthelmearc's pavilion on the East side.


Is your tent a rental?
If yes, what is the name of the rental company?
When will the tent be removed from the battlefield?
Additional comments or notes:

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Please type in the number for this year's Pennsic (Forty-seven):

Please do not hit the button twice if the form is slow to respond.
However, if you get no response within a few minutes, please reload this page and try again.

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