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Martial Activities

Pennsic 48 will have a wide variety of War Point battles and martial competitions, along with non-War Point activities such as tournaments, novelty archery shoots, thrown weapons activities, classes on martial topics, and Youth Combat activities.

General Info

Martial Activities Coordination Staff

The Martial Activities staff work with the various Marshals-in-Charge of the martial activities presented at Pennsic War. We facilitate the needs of all War Points and scheduled activities -- physical set-up, change-over, and tear-down.

We are always looking for volunteers to assist in our division. If you have ever thought about being a member of the Pennsic War staff, or wish to get a better understanding of the volumes of work needed to make a good vacation for 10,000 people, this can be your opportunity. Please contact the Deputy Mayor or one of the coordinators listed below. We welcome all who wish to serve.

Staff Listing

Heat Conventions

ALL fighting on ALL fields will cease if the heat index on ANY field reaches 108. The heat index will be checked at least one hour prior to every battle at the battle location. If the heat index reaches 108 prior to the battle start time then the battle is cancelled. If the heat index reaches 108 during the battle, then the cannon is sounded and the battle is concluded.

There are two options for battles that have already begun that are cancelled due to heat. First, if the battle is a simple, single War Point, then the War Point is considered null and neither side gets it. Second, if the battle is one where flags are checked at timed intervals, then the tally at the time of cancellation stands and the War Point is awarded accordingly. Battles with multiple passes, with some passes completed at the time of cancellation, will be scored as is (i.e. if two of four passes are completed at cancellation then two War Points are awarded to the winners of those passes).

No discussion or notification to the Crowns is required by the marshallate: the marshals will end the battle. Activity resumes when the heat index drops below 108. Only the Marshal-in-Charge (Marshal 1) can reopen the fields.


All fighters who wish to participate in the battles at Pennsic War 48 must have a primary authorization date prior to July 21, 2018.

Secondary authorizations must occur prior to that weapon form being used on the field at Pennsic in any tourney, battle, or practice. Kingdoms wishing to authorize fighters in secondary authorizations must have a marshal present at Marshals' Point, with the required paperwork for their Kingdom. Qualification bouts will be fought on the list just in front of the Marshals' Tent, during posted inspection hours only.

Scheduling Activities

To schedule any activities in the martial areas (Battlefield, Fort, Rapier fields, Tournament fields, Battlefield or Rapier Tents) please contact the appropriate coordinator who can assist you with logistics:

On the Battlefield or at the Fort (battles, tourneys, vigils, hurley games, etc.):
Master Scheduler - TBA

In the Rapier area:
Rapier Coordinator - TBA

In one of the four tournament fields:
Tournament Fields Coordinator - TBA

Pavilions/Tents on the Battlefield

Registration for setting up tents around the battlefield closed on July 1. If you need to inquire about setting up a tent, please visit the Battlefield Inspection Tent during Pennsic and ask for Master Philip Reed (Battlefield Pavilion Coordinator) or Baron Brísi Thorgrimsson (Battlefield Coordinator)

All pavilions on the battlefield must be labelled with a tent ID tag listing the name and camping location of the owner. This is mostly for your protection and that of your belongings if it becomes necessary to drop a tent for any reason. Tent tags can be obtained from Information Point or Marshals' Point.

Monday, July 29 is reserved for Royal Pavilion set up. Other pavilions may not be set up anywhere on the field until 8:00 am on Tuesday, July 30.

If you have any questions, please contact the Battlefield Pavilion Coordinator.


The Inspections Point tent is located at the southeast corner of the battlefield.

See the Marshalling Conventions for details of armor/weapons inspection. Fighters: Check your Gear before Pennsic! Re-tape your weapons so that splinters cannot protrude through. Check your helmet: re-pad it, make sure the bars have not bent far enough to allow a 1-inch dowel through. Check the straps (especially the chin strap). Locate your authorization card, and make sure it's not expired.

All Fighters, Combat Archers, and Siege Engineers must present their authorization cards at inspection, along with their Pennsic site medallion and a photo id. No authorization card, no participation – no exceptions! If your card does not arrive before you leave for Pennsic, you can bring your original dated paper authorization form.

Inspection Point gladly accepts donations of supplies: grey and plain-colored duct tape and strapping tape for repairs, cord for lanyards, and of course, red and blue duct tape to indicate which side you're fighting on.

Inspection Point Hours of operation:

The Point closes 15 minutes before each the start of each battle to allow everyone enough time to get on the field. It will remain open during the Champions' Battles at the discretions of the Earls Marshal of the East, the Middle, and Æthelmearc – provided there are sufficient volunteers. Kingdom Earls Marshal wishing to perform in-camp inspections of their kingdom's troops should contact the Earl Marshal-in-Charge.

If you are at Pennsic during the first week, please come to be inspected before Friday to avoid lines and the mad Monday rush.

Inspection Point Volunteers / Marshals

We are looking for Inspection Point volunteers to help sign in fighters and to inspect weapons and armor. We would like to have at least 1 or 2 marshals at Inspection Point for each 2 hour shift.

We also need experienced Pennsic marshals to work half-day shifts as Point Commanders. We'll need the most marshals on Saturday and Monday mornings.


If you are working at Inspection Point or marshaling battles, feel free to bring your armour and fight pickups in your down time.

When you plan to fight in a battle, it would be a big help if you can come to Inspection Point beforehand and help with inspections.

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