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Rapier Combat

Rapier Marshal-in-Charge

Don Diego Munoz

The Rapier Lists and Tent are located at the south end of the battlefield.

Standard office hours for the Rapier Tent will be 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Various tournaments may start before or end after those hours, but coverage for those events will be left to the MIC.


The Pennsic 47 Rapier Conventions establish standards and conventions for all rapier activities at Pennsic.

Kingdoms sponsoring other rapier events at Pennsic will employ these rules at minimum, and may add additional rules specific to the kingdom hosting the tournament. These rules are designed to promote safe rapier combat at Pennsic, and all participants in events governed by these rules are responsible for knowing, understanding, and applying them. However, no matter how clear or accurate, rules cannot replace common sense, good judgment, and concern for the participants. If a question arises when applying these standards, choose the response that promotes the greatest degree of safety for all participants.

Schedule of Rapier War Points & Tourneys


Marshals are needed to work at the Rapier Tent and during the War Points. This is also a good opportunity for MITs to get experience.

The shifts run in 2 hour blocks. The tent opens at 8:00 am and closes at 5:00 pm each day.

Many hands make light work, so please consider taking a shift.


In order to participate in any rapier activities, a fencer must have authorized in at least one rapier weapon form prior to arrival at War. Fencers are free to authorize in additional weapon forms at War, per their kingdom's authorization rules, and use those forms in rapier activities, including War Point events.


In-camp inspections can be arranged for armor inspection, but only by a marshal from the rapier combatant's home kingdom. Weapon inspections may only be conducted on the field.

Per the Corporate Rules for Rapier Combat in the SCA (the "Society Rules"), all fencers, prior to every combat or practice, shall ensure their equipment is safe, in good working order and has been inspected by a marshal authorized to inspect rapier gear.

At Pennsic, such inspection must be performed (a minimum of once per day) by either a marshal from a fencer's home kingdom to that kingdom's standards or, if a marshal from that kingdom is not available, by any marshal, to the Society Rules.

Those fencers participating in the War Point events must receive an inspection sticker, which will be available at the Rapier Marshals' Tent. A rapier marshal will issue a sticker upon a fencer's armor and equipment after the fencer passes an initial inspection and displays proof of authorization, photo identification, and site token.

Acceptable forms of ID are:

  1. Driver's license
  2. Non driver's id
  3. Driver's permit
  4. Sheriffs id
  5. School id with a picture ( MAY only be accepted by Rapier Marshal 1 or 2)

Cut & Thrust Rapier

Fencers interested in practicing Cut and Thrust rapier may do so on the rapier field using the Society rules or their own kingdom's C & T rules. They must be supervised by a marshal warranted to do so in that marshal's Kingdom.

Youth Fencing

Minors wishing to participate in youth fencing activities must first see the Youth Rapier Marshal-in-Charge, accompanied by a parent or guardian, to complete necessary paperwork. They will be on the field during youth fencing practice.

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