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Pennsic 48 War Points

The timetable is below; please see (To be released)

Saturday, August 3
2:00pm Meeting of the Crowns (Beer and Brats)
6:00pm Opening Ceremonies
Sunday, August 4
10:00 am Unbelted Champions Battle (Melee)1 Point
10:30 am Belted Champions Battle (Melee) 1 Point
11:00am Allied Champions Battle 1 Point
12:30pm Rapier Melee Champions 1 Points
1:00pm Heroic Champions 1 points total
Armored 1 Point, Rapier 1 Points
M, T, Th, F, times TBAPopulace Archery Shoot
all week, times TBAPopulace Thrown Weapons
Monday, August 5
Armored Field Battle 5 points total
5 Battles - 1 point each
Muster 9:45 am.
Rapier Field Battle5 points total
5 Battles, 1 point each
Muster 2:00 pm
Tuesday, August 6
10:00 am Archery Champions 1 Point
11:00am Armored Woods Battle 4 Points
Muster 10:30 am at Woods (one point per check, plus one for higher mobile banner score)
Rapier Woods Battle 4 points
Muster 1:30 pm at Woods (one point per check)
Wednesday, August 7
12:00pm Siege/Combat Archery Battle 4 Points
Muster 11:30am
Thursday, August 8
10:00am Arts & Sciences Champions
5 Points
In the Great Hall
10:30am Rapier Pillage Battle4 Points
Muster 10:00 am
12:00pm Thrown Weapons Champions 1 point
2:00pm Armored Bridge Battle 4 points total
Friday, August 9
10:00amCombined Armored/Rapier Siege Battle6 Points
Muster 9:30 am (Winner takes all!)
Combat Archery & Siege allowed
ending 12 noon Populace Archery Shoot 4 Points total
1 per shoot
ending 12 noonPopulace Thrown Weapons 1 Point
2:00 pm / following battle Closing Ceremonies

Pennsic War is an annual event between the East and Middle Kingdoms of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., and takes place within the Kingdom of Æthelmearc at Cooper's Lake Campground. Webhosting services are generously donated by (Public Access Networks Corporation). The Pennsic War event staff thank Panix for their continued support of the SCA and the Pennsic War.

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