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Pennsic University Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that have come up in the course of working with Teachers in setting up classes.
If your question is not answered here, feel free to e-mail the Chancellor or the Registrar.

I taught a class last year, do I have to reregister with the Thing app like I did in years past?
No - if you have taught in the last four years, your Teacher information should still be in the system. After logging in, please update your Pennsic attendance dates and make sure your profile information is current for this year.

If you can't find a login that works, contact us for help rather than making a new login.

I taught a class last year and I want to teach the same classes again, do I have to reenter all the information all over again?
No - on your Classes page you will see all the classes you taught last year. Simply click the "Request for This Year" button, and the new class form will open up with all the information except data and location already filled out. Just complete the scheduling request information as normal and click the "Create Class" button.

Can I request a specific tent or location for my class?
ALL tents at Pennsic University are a limited resource but we will attempt to meet specific location requests. If we have to make a change, we will make every attempt to contact the teacher and let them know.

When registering, please use the "Scheduling additional" box on the form to request specific locations, including holding the class in the Bog University or new Runestone Campus tents.

PU thing Scheduling Field pic
I want to teach a class during a number of wildly varying times. How do I tell you this?
Please use the "Scheduling Additional" field in the class registration form to add notes for special scheduling instructions (see above).

What if my class doesn't fall under an existing topic?
Select "Other". Please use the "Scheduling additional" field if you want to indicate what topic/track your class should be under.
Do I really need to check in at University Point before my class?
Yes, please. When you check in, it assures us that you are actually on site and will be available to teach your class at the scheduled time. If any conflicts in your schedule have arisen, you can resolve them at this time. And – best of all – you can pick up your teacher token.

Do you really mean "No Limits" when it comes to class size?
YES. While you may state a limit on the number of handouts or materials kits you will be bringing, you are not allowed to stop people from coming to your class and "auditing" it.

How much can I charge for classes?
Like other Pennsic classes, teachers are volunteers – you cannot charge for your time or labor. Materials, including handouts, can be charged at their "fair value". In other words, while you may never charge for a student to simply attend a class, you may ask for a fair, non-labor cost fee for materials and handouts the students use in that class.

Can Pennsic University aid me in making copies of my handouts?
Sorry, no. We can give you directions to the nearest copy store. We recommend bringing 10 copies of any handouts, or more if you're teaching a class that has been very popular in the past. You could also make arrangements to send your students emailed copies of the handouts after Pennsic.

Does Pennsic University have teaching equipment (Writing implements, paper, chalk or whiteboards, projectors, etc.)?
We have a limited number of whiteboards and markers available at University Point. If a teacher wishes to bring projectors or other electrical equipment, they are welcome to request electricity to power them. (Also see the "Can I use electrical equipment?" question.)

Can I use electrical equipment at Pennsic University?
Some of the University tents do have electricity. If you request it via the "Special Needs" section of the Teacher Registration Form, you will be assigned to a tent with power. However, it is strongly recommended that teachers find a "period" method of sharing visual information. Among other issues, if the power goes out, Pennsic University staff can do nothing to aid you during the disruption of your class.

Will Pennsic Management reimburse me for my time, travel fees, or other expenses? Or pay a honorarium?
No. Pennsic University - like all of the SCA – is based on the idea of "knowledge freely shared". No instructors are compensated for any reason – except in the ability to attend other, excellent classes.

Can I teach a class in my encampment or at my merchant booth?
For safety and logistics reasons we prefer that all classes are taught in University tents. We do allow Pennsic University classes to be held in a private camp or merchant space if there is a good reason to allow it, for example:
  • You have heavy equipment that would be difficult to move (i.e.: blacksmith forges, wood lathes, or large looms)
  • There is some ambiance that contributes greatly to the mood of the class (i.e.: Mongol culture classes being held in a yurt, Japanese tea ceremony in a Japanese style encampment, Middle Eastern music in a merchant booth specializing in ME instruments).

A class intended primarily for children may not be held in a private camp or merchant booth.

You must provide University Point with detailed directions to your camp or merchant booth. You can do this when you arrive onsite and check in with University Point.

Can I get a grant of land for extra space to teach classes in my encampment?
There is no such thing as a "grant of land" for private camps to host classes.

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