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Heralds' Point

Heralds' Point Coordinator:


Heralds' Point is located at the intersection of the Low Road with the Great Eastern Highway, next to the playground/Family Point.

Come to Heralds' Point to get help with your SCA name and armory! Our heralds will work with you to choose a name that fits your persona's culture, geographical location, and time period. You can then submit that name for registration, which will ensure that it is uniquely yours and cannot be used by another.

Heraldic devices or badges are optional for most people but can be useful to represent you visually. They serve as your own logo or trademark and can be used on your shield, your armor, your clothing, your tent, your belongings and more. Our heralds and artists are ready to help you create your own unique personal design and submit it for registration, thereby reserving it for your use. We can help with names, devices, and badges for individuals, SCA branches, and households. We stand ready to serve individuals and groups from every kingdom in the Known World.

During your initial consultation with a herald, you will discuss your thoughts and ideas about your name and armory. After the initial consultation, your submission will be forwarded to senior heralds for review. Armory submissions will be drawn and colored by our art staff. You should expect to return the following day to approve and pick up your submission. For most kingdoms, we can accept payment at this time and send everything for processing by your kingdom. Some kingdoms do not accept submissions directly from Pennsic; for those kingdoms, we will prepare the paperwork for you to pick up, then you will mail it to your kingdom submissions herald along with the proper fees.

IMPORTANT - If you need help with branch submissions, branch awards, multiple submissions, complicated submissions, or culturally specific submissions, please come to Heralds' Point as early as you can to make an appointment. This gives us time to gather the best resources to assist you.


You do not need to be a herald to volunteer at Heralds' Point! While it is an amazing, exceptional place for any herald to learn more and gain valuable experience, we need other people besides heralds as well. We can use greeters and colorers no experience necessary.

  • We welcome all artists; much of the art is traced, but artists capable of freehand drawing are critically needed.
  • We need willing folks for set up on July 30 & 31 and for tear down on August 10 & 11.
  • We need warranted exchequers to help take payment and make deposits to the War Exchequer.
  • Of course, we also welcome all heralds , no matter what your experience level.

    To volunteer for Heralds' Point (or any other Pennsic department) prior to Pennsic, please use the Pennsic on-line volunteer form.

  • Special Events

    We cordially invite everyone to join us at these special events at Heralds' Point:

    Known World Heralds Party, Time TBA
    Come by Heralds' Point to socialize and meet fellow heralds from around the Known World! We will have light refreshments. Heraldic games are possible. Be prepared to demonstrate heraldic postures, recollect your favorite canting arms, or other amusements.

    Laurel Road Show, Time TBA
    During the Laurel Roadshow, the Sovereigns preside over a live decision meeting. Listen and participate as commenters from the SCA College of Arms discuss submissions and walk through the decision process! No previous heraldic experience necessary and it's a great way to learn.


    There will be a track of heraldic classes offered through Pennsic University in the A&S tents. Please see the Pennsic University schedule for available classes, dates, and times.

    In addition, this year Heralds' Point staff are offering a set of classes aimed specifically at preparing heralds for consulting at the Point. These classes will be taught from 10 am - 11 am at Heralds' Point on most days that the Point is open. Exact topics and dates will be posted at the Point at the beginning of War. Newer Heralds are strongly encouraged to attend these classes before they consult.

    Consulting Hours

    Heralds' Point will be open for consultation:

    Wednesday, July 31 through Sunday, August 4: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

    Monday, August 5: 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

    Tuesday, August 6 through Wednesday, August 7: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

    Thursday, August 8: No consultation; pick-up of previous submissions ONLY.

    Please note: the signup list for consultation closes one hour before the Point closes each day.

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