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Event Safety

Deputy Mayor:

Baron Manuel de la Rosa y Botella de Mirguela

Watch Scheduling and Administration:

Mistress Cori of Beau Fleuve

Pennsic Event Safety staff are here to support you in having a memorable event.

The Watch tent is located across from Troll, at the corner of Dragon Trace and Brewer's Road (see map). Please feel free to visit with any questions or concerns you may have.

First Aid Point is just next door on Brewer's Road, and is staffed around the clock with EMS support. Should you need immediate help, flag down any Pennsic staff member, or call 911 and notify the dispatch that you are at Cooper's Lake Campground in Worth Township. The dispatch center will notify our on-site medical support staff to respond. Please give an accurate description of your location and the condition so we can get there quickly to help.

Here are some quick highlights to ensure that you all have a problem-free vacation:

As we have always asked in the past, please remember the ideals of our Society and treat each other with courtesy and respect.

We look forward to assisting you in whatever way we can and greatly appreciate your support in helping us make this a safe and fun vacation for everyone.

Watch Volunteers

We welcome volunteers for cart patrols and some support positions at Watch Point. Stop by and sign up. You must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid driver's license if you want to drive a cart.

Children at Pennsic

All Parents are asked to read the site rules regarding children and minors at Pennsic. (Site rules are also in the Pennsic Event Guide given to all attendees.) The Watch and Pennsic are not a babysitting service. Please take care of your children and please remind them of curfew rules.


Please read the details of the Traffic and Parking Policies section of the Site Rules closely.

Important Notes:

Park on one side of the road: When loading/unloading your vehicle, if you are unable to pull into your camping area, please park on the EAST side of the road (toward I-79) or NORTH side of the road (toward the main parking lot). By parking on only one side of each road, you will ensure that other vehicles are able to pass.

Keep the roads open: It is extremely important that the roads remain passable so emergency and working vehicles can get through. In past years, we have come close to losing the bus service because of vehicles blocking the road.

Move all vehicles to the parking lot: Upon completion of loading or unloading, all vehicles are to be moved to the parking lot. Vehicles may NOT be left in camp. Set up your camp after you have parked your car.

Towing: Vehicles left in camp or parked in violation of the parking policies will be towed, and repeat offenders will be removed from the site.

For those who have helped us in the past with keeping the roads clear, we would like to thank you. We greatly appreciate your support in helping to make this a safe and fun vacation for everyone.

Pennsic War is an annual event between the East and Middle Kingdoms of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., and takes place within the Kingdom of Æthelmearc at Cooper's Lake Campground. Webhosting services are generously donated by (Public Access Networks Corporation). The Pennsic War event staff thank Panix for their continued support of the SCA and the Pennsic War.

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