Event Safety (The Watch)

Pennsic Event Safety staff are here to support you in having a memorable event.

The Watch tent is located across from Troll, at the corner of Dragon Trace and Brewer’s Road (see map). Please feel free to visit with any questions or concerns you may have.

First Aid Point is just next door on Brewer’s Road, and is staffed around the clock with EMS support. Should you need immediate help, flag down any Pennsic staff member, or call 911 and notify the dispatch that you are at Cooper’s Lake Campground in Worth Township. The dispatch center will notify our on-site medical support staff to respond. Please give an accurate description of your location and the condition so we can get there quickly to help.

Here are some quick highlights to ensure that you all have a problem-free vacation:

  • Refer to the Site Rules and Site Policies in the Event Guide, as they are designed to keep everyone safe.
  • Remember to keep track of your children and belongings, always.
  • Report any suspicious behavior to any Pennsic staff member.
  • Follow all Traffic and Parking rules, as we really hate towing your vehicle.
  • Roadways must always stay open for emergency vehicles.
  • Please ensure you leave no unattended fires.
  • Stay hydrated and use sunscreen!!

As we have always asked in the past, please remember the ideals of our Society and treat each other with courtesy and respect.

We look forward to assisting you in whatever way we can and greatly appreciate your support in helping us make this a safe and fun vacation for everyone.

We welcome volunteers for cart patrols and some support positions at Watch Point. Stop by and sign up. You must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid driver's license if you want to drive a cart.

All Parents are asked to read the site rules regarding children and minors at Pennsic. (Site rules are also in the Pennsic Event Guide given to all attendees.) The Watch and Pennsic are not a babysitting service. Please take care of your children and please remind them of curfew rules.

Good Gentles, 
There have been changes to the parking and towing policies for Pennsic 50; which reflect updates to improve everyone’s experience and to ensure clarity and safety for all attendees.  Please take a moment to review these policies which will also be included in the event guide once it is available.  Lack of familiarity with these policies is not an excuse to evade enforcement.  Final decisions regarding enforcement of these policies is that of Pennsic Staff in coordination with the owners/operators of Coopers Lake Campground.


All Vehicles shall be removed to the parking lot area within six (6) hours of first arrival (as noted on your vehicle’s “hang tag” provided when you troll in). This time is provided in order to facilitate orderly unloading of your vehicle into shelter when you first arrive.  After six (6) hours have elapsed, your vehicle is no longer allowed to be parked within camping areas of the site and must be only parked in designated parking areas.  There is no disability exception to this rule.  

For purposes of this policy, “parked” is defined as the vehicle being at rest, without active interaction for loading/unloading of the vehicle.  Vehicles used for “town runs” or for transporting combatants to combat areas may be temporarily stopped in camping areas (off of the roads) with hazard lights active in order to allow for loading/unloading. 

Vehicles may not be left in camp.  There is no disability exception to this rule. 

We ask that when loading and unloading, if you are unable to pull into your camping area that you park on the EAST (towards I-79) and NORTH (towards the main parking lot) sides of the streets. By parking on only one side of each street, you will ensure that other vehicles and emergency vehicles are able to pass. Upon completion of loading/unloading, vehicles are to be move to the parking lot. 

All vehicles must obey posted speed limits throughout the site.

All vehicles in motion after sunset must have headlights (not just parking lights) turned on.


Vehicles that arrive on site one hour prior to closing of troll may be parked for the night in the camping area. The vehicle must be completely off the road, near the camp of the vehicle owner, until 6am. However, after 6am has arrived the vehicle must be moved to the parking area in accordance with standard policies (i.e. by noon of the day after arrival). 


This practice, defined as the use of a motor vehicle to travel and/or transport a person or persons within the campground, to or from any and all types of events, whether the driver has or has not consumed alcohol, is dangerous, and prohibited. A person or persons found in violation of this policy, including the driver/owner of the vehicle and all passengers are subject to immediate expulsion (without any refund) from the Pennsic War Event. The roads need to be clear for emergency vehicle access. 


There is a separate area in the parking lot for trailers and oversized vehicles (trailers, trucks, buses, campers, RV's, etc.); please park such vehicles in these specially marked areas. All oversized vehicles and trailers must be parked in these lots or they will be subject to towing. This is to allow the large number of anticipated vehicles to fit in the parking lot this year. 


Registered Motor Vehicles (including Motorcycles) may NOT be parked in any camp, even if covered with tarps or other camouflage. No one may live in a registered motor vehicle other than those in RV Camping. There is no disability exception to this rule.  


RV's have their own camping area and regulations. Arrangements for RV camping must be made through the Cooper's Lake Campground. 


In all lots, please park only within the designated rows. Cooper's Lake Management reserves the right to tow all illegally or improperly parked vehicles without prior notice. There is a posted 10 MPH/16KPH speed limit for all roads within the campground. Use special caution in congested areas. The posted limits may be too fast for local conditions.

If leaving site, disability assist equipment such as scooters may be left in the scooter parking zones designated near each handicap parking area. This equipment may not be left in a parking space unattended. If found, equipment may be moved by staff to free up the parking space for other attendees.  Pennsic or Coopers staff are not responsible for damage to mobility assist equipment which is improperly left in parking areas  


If your vehicle breaks down in the middle of a road or parking area on the Campground, or becomes stuck in some fashion, please leave a note on the dashboard identifying the issue and the time it occurred and then immediately report the breakdown to the Watch Tent. Unreported disabled vehicles that are improperly parked or block access as described in these policies, will be towed, without notice, at the owner’s expense. 

Should your disabled vehicle need extraction, contact the Cooper’s Lake Campground (CLC) WAR ROOM for determination if assistance/towing is possible. Due to increased use of plastic in car construction, CLC may decline to tow/extract your vehicle, if in their opinion, an unsafe or damageable condition exists or may occur. 

If your vehicle is declined for towing/extraction, you will be required to contact a commercial towing company and follow the instructions set forth in RENTALS AND DELIVERIES section of this document.


Vehicles which block essential services such as Porta-Johns, Pennsic War facilities, Cooper’s Lake Campground facilities, or park in specifically marked “no parking” zones, or whose driver, passenger(s) or other attendee(s) remove road barricades on closed roads, or block or otherwise obstruct the ability of emergency services to perform their task or the Bus to pass, the vehicle in question is subject to immediate towing without any prior notice. 

Vehicles which are improperly parked or are in violation of any site rule or site policy are subject to immediate towing without any prior notice. A warning may be provided based on the judgment of Event Safety personnel, but is not required. 

All costs of towing vehicles shall be the responsibility of the Owner/Operator of the vehicle in question. 


The Watch will have a list of all towed vehicles and which towing company is holding them. 

It should be noted that attendees whose vehicles are repeat violators may be ejected from the event as an alternative to towing.

You can view a PDF version here.

Sir Edmund Dracatorr, Viscount

Deputy Mayor Event Safety


Tommaso Valeriano (OP)

Watch Commander

Baroness Amarie de St Denis (OP)

Event Safety Scheduling

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Training and Logistics

Baroness Emmalie the Faire

Parking Enforcement

Lady Osa the Archer

Parking Staff

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Parking Staff