Registration for land allocation opened on 2023-01-01.
Coopers Lake Campground registration will close on 2023-06-11.
Land group registration and most group updates will close on 2023-06-22.

Please note that picnic tables are first come, first served, and that chaining them, locking them down, or in any other way securing the tables prior to land grab is prohibited.

Pennic L , Land Map

Syr Gunther Kegslayer

Deputy Mayor Zoning and Planning (Land)

Athro Rhys ab Ismael (OP)

Land Web and Database Unit Head

Baron G. Emerson True

Land 2

Lady Marit Rase

Zoning and Planning Secretary

Lady Tananda Densmore

Land Office Department Head (On-Site)

Baroness Kelda Jurgenstochtir, OP

Maps Unit Head

Lady Mordona Mayfel

Singles Camping Liason

Mistress Constance Waite

Land Hospitality

Sir Tarl Shadowraven

Land Hospitality

Lord Edward of Freehold

Land Hospitality

Lady Maggie Rue

Land Hospitality

Kathleen Wood

Land Hospitality