July Update

G'Day Everyone,

Just a quick note from me. We now have over 9000 people per-registered for Pennsic 49. Great effort everyone. For those that are interested, we have been averaging around the 10,500 mark "attending" the event over the past few Pennsic War's. That is the total number on site including Pre-reg and people that pay at the gate.

Looking forward to catching up with as many of you as I can at Pennsic 49. My next Mayor update will be from Coopers Lake Event Park after I arrive and can do a boots on the ground update to ya'll.

Take care everyone.... Gregory (The Groundhog Mayor)

Mayor 49 Mowing


Pennsic 49
Mayor Update
June 2022

G’Day Everyone,
This will be my last update before I get to speak to many of you in person at Pennsic War. We are finally on the downhill run to Pennsic 49. I must admit that I am sooooo glad for this “Groundhog Day” is almost over, as I’m sure many of you are as well.

It’s been a long road and definitely something that I didn’t expect to happen when I took on this honoured stewardship. But as the infamous Australian bush ranger, Ned Kelly once said, “Such is Life”.

Pennsic 49 will be the “Homecoming Pennsic” for many people. Please be polite, courteous and helpful to everyone. Especially to the staff who will be trying their hardest to make this a great and safe event for everyone.

I would also like you all to be especially courteous to the local shop owners and people in surrounding areas that support Pennsic and service our supply needs. Remember, they have done it tough without us for the past two years. Let’s show them that they are part of our extended Pennsic Family and let them know we are pleased to be back home in their township’s.

The Pennsic 49 Staff met at Aethelmearc War Practice in May 2022 and all departments’ heads reported on the progress of the Pennsic 49 planning. Everything is on tract for a great event. I then answered some questions from the floor and the meeting was concluded.

At this stage, even given the rising costs of everything from fuel to food and hardware goods, we are going to come in on budget. Part of that is because we have shaved off the fat from some areas, redesigned and restructured some of the functions that were long overdue for a change and streamlined other activities to produce a better outcome for attendees.

We are trying some new ideas, if they work, great…. but equally, if they don’t make it better for those attending, we are ready to change if necessary.

That’s enough of my general walkabout talk…Here are the latest updates that you will need to be aware of and know about when attending Pennsic 49 this year:

1/ Covid Policy for Pennsic 49, is the Kingdom of Aethelmearc Covid Safe Policy. Any questions regarding this policy need to be directed to Aethelmearc. You can read the policy by going to AE Kingdom home page or on the Pennsic War website. I want to make it clear that Pennsic War does not make this policy. It comes from the SCA Inc to The Kingdoms. As we are on Aethelmearc Land, the Pennsic War, which is an SCA event, must abide by their COVID Safe Policy.

2/ Troll will be working as fast as they can to get people in through the gate and onto their respective campsites. Please make sure you have all your required documentation with you and easily accessible when you troll in. We want to make the troll line move as quickly as possible, but to do that we need your help. Masks are required when entering the Troll tent.

3/ While you’re waiting in the que, keep calm and remember that during peak days and times things will take a little longer. Once again, plan accordingly, bring bottled water and protect yourself from the daily weather conditions that may be prevailing at the time.

4/ Bring your own water bottles for activities. We will have some Pennsic Cow Filters around the battlefield and other places, but Pennsic War will no longer be using water bearers to supply water to combatants. This will now be an individual and/or camp/household responsibility.

5/ The new Pennsic eBook will be available online soon for downloading and printing. It will give people the ability to have the most up to date information for Pennsic and track any changes that happen in scheduling. Equally as important, this move is reducing our resource footprint on PA, even if just by a small amount. It’s just a start and it is part of Pennsic War moving towards becoming an ecologically responsible organisation within the local community.

6/ The Coopers Store is now very well stocked with everything from high quality food to camping supplies. I can highly recommend their morning coffee. Also remember Aunty Pat’s Kitchen next door, which I am reliably informed will be doing Aussie Sausage Rolls again this year and maybe, just maybe Aussie Pasties. (Vegetarian type)

That’s about it. Not much more to say. I look forward to seeing as many of you as I can, when we open the Pennsic gates for Pennsic 49… Finally!!!

Note: if people want to catch up for a chat, I will either be somewhere around the Watch tent or having Vegemite on Toast for breakfast with a cuppa-char at the Beast & Boar in the morning. Keep safe, seeyas all soon.

Sir Gregory of Loch Swan OP, QOG and stuff….



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