Rental/Delivery Procedures



Letter & Package Deliveries 

Letter deliveries for individuals via the United States Postal Service will be available at Information Point in Town Hall, near the Camp Store.

Express letters, packages, and boxes (all non-standard letter mail) are delivered to the Merchant Office across from the Public Safety Tent.

Procedures for Rentals / Deliveries at Pennsic

The rental or purchase of goods and merchandise is considered a private contract between an attendee and a local vendor, and it is their responsibility to coordinate the delivery, subject to the rules below.

The staff of Pennsic War and Cooper's Lake Campground will not be directly involved in the delivery of any goods. You, the attendee, will be required to meet the vendor at the appropriate point of entry to receive your goods or to escort the vendor to your campsite for delivery.

General Rules / Pickup Dates & Times

  • Except for deliveries of Pizza and Firewood:
    • All deliveries must be made between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm
    • No deliveries will be allowed before 9 am on Monday, July 31, 2023
      One Exception: Individual sleeping tents may be delivered between noon and 6 pm on land grab Saturday, August 1
    • No deliveries will be allowed on Saturday, August 5 or Sunday, August 6
    • No deliveries will be allowed after 1 pm on Friday, August 11
  • Any and all goods must be picked up by 3 pm, August 14 (Monday) or they will be considered abandoned and forfeit
  • If you are renting a shade tent for the battlefield:
    • Tents cannot be set up before 8 am on Tuesday, August 1. 
      (Monday, July 31 is reserved for the Royal pavilion set up.)
    • Battlefield tents require a tent ID tag, available from Information Point, Inspection Point, or from the battlefield staff
    • Tents without proper ID may be removed from the field
  • All vendors upon completion of their deliveries must leave the campground. Failure to do so may result in the vendor being barred from future entry.

Procedures for Renters/Attendees

Provide to your vendor:

  1. The modern name under which the items are being rented/purchased
  2. The date and estimated time you wish to have your item(s) delivered
  3. Cell Phone Number
  4. On-site Contact Person (with cell phone number if different from above)
  5. Group Camping With (including block number if known at the time of arrangement)
  6. Which entry point you wish to meet them at (West Gate, North Gate, Main Gate, Parking/Battlefield Gate)

When you are arranging your rental, let your vendor(s) know:

  • Tents being rented for the battlefield cannot be set up before 8 am on Tuesday, August 1
    (Monday, August 1 is reserved for the Royal pavilion set up.)
  • No deliveries will be accepted during the middle weekend of Pennsic: August 5 and 6.
  • No deliveries will be accepted after 1 pm on Friday, August 11.
  • To facilitate their entry into the campground their staff should have:
    • A commercial vehicle, preferably with their company name prominently displayed on it
    • A "uniform" such as t-shirts with company logo or name, or other such clothing to identify them as non-attendees
  • They should call you before they arrive at the campground so you can meet them at an entry point
  • They are to immediately leave the campground once your business is complete

Information for Vendors

  1. You should have been supplied by your customer with:
    1. their name
    2. their cell phone number and/or the cell phone and name of the person who will meet you at an entry point
    3. the date and approximate time for your to deliver your goods
    4. which gate you are to meet them at
    5. what block they are camped in.
  2. To facilitate your entry it is suggested that:
    1. Your vehicle is a commercial vehicle with your company name displayed on it
    2. Your staff wears a "company uniform" which could be as simple as T-shirts with your company name on them.
    3. You call your customer at least one hour prior to your arrival to ensure they will be available to escort you to their campsite.
  3. If you have multiple customers for a specific day, please contact all your customers for that day and have them all meet you at a specific entry point and work a schedule for the day with all of them.
  4. Upon completion of your transactions, we ask that you promptly leave the campground.
  5. Please be advised that any and all property of yours must be picked up by 3 pm, August 14 (Monday) or they will be considered abandoned and forfeit. We are working on a tight schedule and must vacate the campground by 8 am on Tuesday.

Bullying Policy

THE SCA PROHIBITS HARASSMENT AND BULLYING OF ALL INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS. Participants engaging in this behavior are subject to appropriate sanctions. If you are subjected to harassment, bullying, or retaliation, or if you become aware of anyone being harassed or bullied, contact a seneschal, President of the SCA, or your Kingdom’s Board Ombudsman.

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