If you arrive when Troll is closed, you can park and wait on the battlefield. There are Porta-Johns nearby.

Please be aware: If you get a ride to the campground from someone who will NOT be attending Pennsic, they cannot drive you into the campground until we have someone available to escort them. Escorts are not available before noon on Sunday, July 30, so please plan accordingly.

Merchants and those staying in the RV area are able to enter their spaces beginning at NOON Friday 7/28.


Friday, July 28

Friday July 28 Arriving vehicles are parked on the Battlefield.
Check-in starts at 9 am for Land Agents, who will also be given priority for checking in after noon.
When a block's Land negotiations are completed (on Friday OR Saturday), each camp on that block will receive passes for 5 vehicles to drive in and begin set up.

Saturday, July 29

Saturday July 29 When Land Grab is concluded (usually by noon), all people camping with registered groups may drive into the campground.

Troll will be OPEN during the following hours:

Friday 7/28 9am (For Land Agents) - 12pm (Noon) for Attendees
Saturday 7/29 12am -10pm
Sunday 7/30 8am-10pm
Monday 7/31 8am-10pm
Tuesday 8/1 8am-10pm
Wednesday 8/2 8am-10pm
Thursday 8/3 8am-10pm
Friday 8/4 8am-10pm
Saturday 8/5 8am-10pm
Sunday 8/6 8am-10pm
Monday 8/7 8am-10pm
Tuesday 8/8 8am-10pm
Wednesday 8/9 (Last day for Troll) 8am-10pm
The Pennsic War
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Pennsic Event Guide