Teachers/Class Registration

Teachers – please familiarize yourself with the University Policies and FAQs, then register to teach at thing.pennsicuniversity.org. You can enter, update, and even delete your classes yourself.

If you have questions about teaching a class or about the on-line Teacher Registration, contact the Registrar, Baroness Gwynnyd of York. She will be happy to answer any questions, but all requests to teach must be submitted in writing.

At Pennsic – Please come to University Point to register new classes.


On-line class scheduling closes on July 23. After that date, you can still schedule classes by coming to see us at Pennsic, at University Point.

Classes are generally scheduled as they are submitted, so to get the time slots and locations you want, register early!

Classes that were registered by the publication deadline (June 1) will appear in the Pennsic Guide Book.

Classes registered after that date will appear in the on-line schedule, and will be posted at University Point.

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