1. You should have been supplied by your customer with:
    1. their name
    2. their cell phone number and/or the cell phone and name of the person who will meet you at an entry point
    3. the date and approximate time for your to deliver your goods
    4. which gate you are to meet them at
    5. what block they are camped in.
  2. To facilitate your entry it is suggested that:
    1. Your vehicle is a commercial vehicle with your company name displayed on it
    2. Your staff wears a “company uniform” which could be as simple as T-shirts with your company name on them.
    3. You call your customer at least one hour prior to your arrival to ensure they will be available to escort you to their campsite.
  3. If you have multiple customers for a specific day, please contact all your customers for that day and have them all meet you at a specific entry point and work a schedule for the day with all of them.
  4. Upon completion of your transactions, we ask that you promptly leave the campground.
  5. Please be advised that any and all property of yours must be picked up by 3 pm, August 14 (Monday) or they will be considered abandoned and forfeit. We are working on a tight schedule and must vacate the campground by 8 am on Tuesday.
The Pennsic War

Pennsic Event Guide