Provide to your vendor:

  1. The modern name under which the items are being rented/purchased
  2. The date and estimated time you wish to have your item(s) delivered
  3. Cell Phone Number
  4. On-site Contact Person (with cell phone number if different from above)
  5. Group Camping With (including block number if known at the time of arrangement)
  6. Which entry point you wish to meet them at (West Gate, North Gate, Main Gate, Parking/Battlefield Gate)

When you are arranging your rental, let your vendor(s) know:

  • Tents being rented for the battlefield cannot be set up before 8 am on Tuesday, August 1
    (Monday, August 1 is reserved for the Royal pavilion set up.)
  • No deliveries will be accepted during the middle weekend of Pennsic: August 5 and 6.
  • No deliveries will be accepted after 1 pm on Friday, August 11.
  • To facilitate their entry into the campground their staff should have:
    • A commercial vehicle, preferably with their company name prominently displayed on it
    • A “uniform” such as t-shirts with company logo or name, or other such clothing to identify them as non-attendees
  • They should call you before they arrive at the campground so you can meet them at an entry point
  • They are to immediately leave the campground once your business is complete
The Pennsic War