Dates of Future Pennsic Wars

Pennsic Wars start at the end of July, and run for 17 days. The end date is the second full weekend in August.

Opening day of Pennsic may be as early as July 24 or as late as July 30.

(Historical Note: prior to 2007, Pennsic War used to begin and end one week later than it now does.)



For your planning convenience, the first table below lists the dates of future Pennsics through Pennsic 66.

Note: These dates may be subject to change. Changes are usually advertised well in advance.

The second table lists all possible starting and ending dates for Pennsic.

Modern YearSCA YearPennsic War NumberTroll OpensTroll ClosesEvent Site Closes
202459PW 517/26/20248/8/20248/11/2024
202560PW 527/25/20258/7/20258/10/2025
202661PW 537/24/20268/6/20268/9/2026
202762PW 547/30/20278/12/20278/15/2027
202863PW 557/28/20288/10/20288/13/2028
202964PW 567/27/20298/9/20298/12/2029
203065PW 577/26/20308/8/20308/11/2030
203166PW 587/25/20318/7/20318/10/2031
203267PW 597/24/20328/6/20328/9/2032
The Pennsic War

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