Accessibility Assistance is located in the Town Hall tent, across from the Cooper’s camp store.

Accessibility Assistance is located in the Town Hall tent, across from the Cooper’s camp store.

We will open on Friday, July 28 at Noon, and will also be open daily from 9 am – 5 pm through Friday, August 11

If you use our services and have some free time, please come and volunteer. We will allow you to charge your cell phone while you are with us!

The Pennsic Staff welcomes the participation of those gentles with disabilities.

Services available through Disability Services include:


Site Rule #19: NO bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, mopeds, scooters or trail bikes will be permitted. ECVs and electric wheelchairs are permitted, however they are required to adhere to the posted speed limits in the campground. In addition, any trailer attached to any ECV or electric wheelchair must  be done properly and not impede the safe operation of the EVC. Capacity of these units shall be restricted to ONE person per unit.


Handicapped parking is available in designated areas of the parking lots.

You do not need to register with Disability Services to park in the Handicapped Parking areas.
You will need to display your Pennsic car tag and a state-issued handicapped license plate/placard/hang tag in your vehicle.
Only those with state-issued license plates/placards/hangtags will be allowed to use handicapped parking.
All vehicles must be parked in either Handicapped Parking or regular parking. There will be no Medical Waivers issued. No exceptions!

Electrical charging for medical devices and scooters is available at several different locations around Pennsic.
Disability Camping and a few other campsites have electrical outlets. Electrical outlets in public areas, buildings, and Pennsic department tents are not for public use. Some departments may allow you to charge devices while you are volunteering for them.
If you will be camping in an area that does not have electricity and will need to recharge scooters or batteries for medically necessary devices, please visit Disability Services at Pennsic.

Please remember that power outages may occur, so a constant electrical supply cannot be guaranteed.
Read more about operating CPAP machines at Pennsic, and options for recharging batteries (including solar and wind)

Pre-register for electrical charging time 

Please use this form.

The Disability Camping area is the block just north of W03.

  • Disability Camping is limited to disabled individuals and/or those persons camping in the same tent(s) as them.
  • It is your responsibility to set up and break down your own camping equipment. If you will need assistance please make arrangements prior to arriving.
  • As with regular camping, you will be allotted 250 square feet per person.
  • Campers and RV’s are not permitted in the disabilities camping area.
  • There are a limited number of electrical outlets to use for essential medical devices.

Each person wishing to camp in the Disabilities Camping Area MUST have:

  1. Submitted a Disabilities Camping request by June 1, 2024. If you need a paper form mailed to you, please contact the Disability Coordinator.
  2. Pre-registered for Pennsic with Cooper’s Lake Campground by June 14, 2024.

Please note that you are NOT guaranteed space in the Disability Camping Area unless you have completed both pre-registrations and receive confirmation from Disability Services.

Please note, gentles with service animals are not required to camp with Disability Camping.

  1. The SCA abides by all national, state, and local regulations regarding service animals.
    1. Pets are not permitted on-site.
    2. A doctor’s letter does not turn an animal into a service animal.
    3. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA or the PHRA.
  2. You must bring your service animal with you to Troll when you check-in.
    1. Please consider filling out a Service animal Information form online. The information requested at check-in is designed to help us make the experience as smooth and safe as possible for you and your animal.
  3. Each service animal must be accompanied by a certificate of Rabies vaccination.
  4. The handler is responsible for the care and supervision of his or her service animal.
    1. Service animals must be housebroken.
    2. Service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered.
    3. In the case (and only in the case) that these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the handler’s disability prevents using these devices, the handler must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls.

At Pennsic, owners MUST clean up all dog waste and properly dispose of it in a waste receptacle regardless of where the dog defecates (including in the weeds or bushes).

If a service animal behaves in an unacceptable manner or is perceived to not be in control, and the handler does not immediately control the animal, the handler may be required to immediately remove the animal from the site. (A list of local kennels will be provided upon request, but this is only a list of available facilities, and Coopers Lake / Pennsic staff are not making recommendations for any of these establishments.)

Unacceptable behavior of service animals includes, but is not restricted to, the following:

  • Uncontrolled barking, jumping on, or charging at other people or other service animals.
  • Turning away from the handler, when the animal’s behavior poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others.
  • Service animal growling at other patrons or staff,
  • Defecation or urination onto the privately-owned property (tents, camp gear, etc.) or in the food court or other public or private establishments within Pennsic.

Pennsic and Coopers Lake are not responsible for the behavior or needs of any service animal, nor required to provide services for your service animal. Please anticipate all your service animal’s needs including water bowl and water, poop bags, as well as all other needs such as medication and hygiene. If you have any questions about local services in the surrounding community or have an immediate need while at Pennsic, please feel free to ask and we will assist as we can.

When using the dog run please be cognizant of other animals that may be there prior to your arrival. This is not a public dog park! You may need to wait your turn. Even at or in the dog run the owner/handler is still responsible for their dog’s behaviors, and the dog is still required to be in total control by its owner/handler at all times. As always, pick up after your dog and properly dispose of all waste.

Please fill out the Service animal information form (TBA) to speed up check-in!

If you have any questions in reference to this policy, please contact the Service animal liason

The Signing Service is available for the Deaf/HoH community for Kingdom/Baronial Courts, University Classes, Performances, Balls/Dances, etc. If you have a need for any signing services, please feel free to submit a request via the Signing Services Request form (TBA) If you wish to volunteer to be a communications facilitator, we would greatly appreciate your service. Please contact the Disability coordinator so that we can add you to the availability list.