The Pennsic War

Pennsic 50 will have a wide variety of War Point battles and martial competitions, along with non-War Point activities such as tournaments, novelty archery shoots, thrown weapons activities, classes on martial topics, and Youth Combat activities.

  • During Pennsic, please check the signboards for any changes to the battle/tourney schedules.
  • If you need to locate a member of the Battlefield or Martial Staff, stop by Information Point and they will assist you.
  • There is no parking/driving on the battlefield. Please make arrangements ahead of time for getting fighters, gear, water, etc. up to the field for battle days. Parking or stopping along Currie Road is not an alternative.

    Additional details about martial activities and the battlefield schedule will be posted as Pennsic approaches.

Battle Field Map (To be released)

The Martial Activities staff work with the various Marshals-in-Charge of the martial activities presented at Pennsic War. We facilitate the needs of all War Points and scheduled activities -- physical set-up, change-over, and tear-down.


We are always looking for volunteers to assist in our division. If you have ever thought about being a member of the Pennsic War staff, or wish to get a better understanding of the volumes of work needed to make a good vacation for 10,000 people, this can be your opportunity. Please contact the Deputy Mayor or one of the coordinators listed below. We welcome all who wish to serve.

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Baron Brisi Thorgrimsson

DM Martial Activities

THL Guillaume le Breton

Master Artificer

Aloysius Sartore

Archery Coordinator

Casimir Sarkastyczny 

Archery Clerk

Baroness Kathryn Ramsey

Captayne General of Artillery

THL Catherine O’herlihy

Water Bearers Coordinator

Duke Sir Vissevald Selkirksson

Woods Battle Coordinator

THL Elkaterine tin Elliniki

Youth Combat Coordinator

Mistress Judith the Confused

Youth Combat MoL

Dame Dealla Cohen

Thrown Weapons Coordinator

Maestra Mirabi Sitt Al-Sirr

Rapier Coordinator

Master Maximilian der Zauberer

Martial Activities Master Scheduler & Rapier Tourney Scheduler

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Youth Combat

All youths ages 6–17 are invited to join us on the battlefield for the Pennsic Youth Combat Program. The basis for the Pennsic 49 Youth Combat

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Water Point

Covid has brought a number of changes including to how we assist folks with remembering to hydrate. Please bring your own water bottles for activities. We

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Thrown Weapons

So that all throwers from all kingdoms can participate, we will be using the Society Thrown Weapon Rules rather than rules of the Middle, East, or Æthelmearc.

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Siege Combat

Official siege activity at Pennsic 50 will be limited to the Main Battlefield. In case of disputes, the Pennsic 50 Marshal-in-Charge will make the final

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Rapier Combat

The Rapier Lists and Tent are located at the south end of the battlefield.Standard office hours for the Rapier Tent will be 9 AM to

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Combat Archery

Play safe and fair. We have a specialized weapons form that requires specialized skills, understanding and accommodations. Help clear the field after battle – many

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Greetings unto the Known World from the Pennsic Target Archery Staff, and welcome back to Pennsic Archery. I am Forester Dietrich von Hamburg, Kingdom Archery

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