Herald’s Point

Heralds’ Point is located at the intersection of the Low Road with the Great Eastern Highway, next to the playground/Family Point.

Come to Heralds’ Point to get help with your SCA name and armory! Our heralds will work with you to choose a name that fits your persona’s culture, geographical location, and time period. You can then submit that name for registration, which will ensure that it is uniquely yours and cannot be used by another.

Heraldic devices or badges are optional for most people but can be useful to represent you visually. They serve as your own logo or trademark and can be used on your shield, your armor, your clothing, your tent, your belongings and more. Our heralds and artists are ready to help you create your own unique personal design and submit it for registration, thereby reserving it for your use. We can help with names, devices, and badges for individuals, SCA branches, and households. We stand ready to serve individuals and groups from every kingdom in the Known World.

During your initial consultation with a herald, you will discuss your thoughts and ideas about your name and armory. After the initial consultation, your submission will be forwarded to senior heralds for review. Armory submissions will be drawn and colored by our art staff. You should expect to return the following day to approve and pick up your submission. For most kingdoms, we can accept payment at this time and send everything for processing by your kingdom. Some kingdoms do not accept submissions directly from Pennsic; for those kingdoms, we will prepare the paperwork for you to pick up, then you will mail it to your kingdom submissions herald along with the proper fees.

Pennsic 50, Herald's Point