Pennsic University


Greetings unto the scholars and students of the Known World!

We of Pennsic University are looking forward to helping you learn.

There are more than a thousand classes to choose from – peruse the class schedule and prepare to be amazed at the breadth and depth of the knowledge that can be found in our SCA.

Pennsic University is only made possible by the dedication and talents of every one of our hundreds of instructors who volunteer their time and expertise to inspire and teach. Thank you all so much for sharing your SCA with the rest of us!

Visit the University’s Facebook page for info and updates about this year’s classes!

Pennsic University FAQ

There is no such thing as a "grant of land" for private camps to host classes.
ALL tents at Pennsic University are a limited resource but we will attempt to meet specific location requests. If we have to make a change, we will make every attempt to contact the teacher and let them know. When registering, please use the "Scheduling Notes" box on the form to request specific locations, including holding the class in the Bog University.

For safety and logistics reasons we prefer that all classes are taught in University tents.
We do allow Pennsic University classes to be held in a private camp or merchant space
if there is a good reason to allow it, for example:
 You have heavy equipment that would be difficult to move (i.e.: blacksmith forges, wood
lathes, or large looms)
 There is some ambiance that contributes greatly to the mood of the class (i.e.: Mongol
culture classes being held in a yurt, Japanese tea ceremony in a Japanese style
encampment, Middle Eastern music in a merchant booth specializing in ME
A class intended primarily for children may not be held in a private camp or merchant booth.You
must provide University Point with detailed directions to your camp or merchant booth. You can
do this when you arrive onsite and check in with University Point.

Some of the University tents do have electricity. If you request it via the "Special Needs" section of the Teacher Registration Form, you will be assigned to a tent with power. However, it is strongly recommended that teachers find a "period" method of sharing visual information. Among other issues, if the power goes out, Pennsic University staff can do nothing to aid you during the disruption of your class.

Sorry, no. We can give you directions to the nearest copy store. We recommend
bringing 10 copies of any handouts, or more if you're teaching a class that has been
very popular in the past. You could also make arrangements to send your students
emailed copies of the handouts after Pennsic.

Contact the Registrar and we'll try our best. Please keep in mind that for certain days and times, tent space is very scarce — we're not trying to be difficult, but to ensure everyone gets as good a slot as possible. Preference will be given to those requesting a time first. We will try to accommodate requested changes, but can make no guarantees.

Yes, please. When you check in, it assures us that you are actually on site and will be
available to teach your class at the scheduled time. If any conflicts in your schedule
have arisen, you can resolve them at this time. And – best of all – you can pick up your
teacher token.

YES. While you may state a limit on the number of handouts or materials kits you will be bringing, you are not allowed to stop people from coming to your class and "auditing" it.

Pennsic University Updates

Please log in to the new Thing 2.0 (

You will be asked to create a new account by clicking on “Register Here”. You will
need a username (this does not need to be your email), an email address, and a
password. Once you have created your account, you will be able to log on. Note:
usernames are case sensitive!

You will be able to import your classes from Thing 1.0: When you fill in your profile
page, it will ask for the email you used in Thing 1.0 (this must be entered in all
lower case). Then on your “view your class list” page it will show your legacy
classes. Click on the class you want to bring into Thing 2.0, fill in the missing info
and click the “Bring class into Thing 2.0) button.

Please review the class information, make sure it is current and correct, and then enter your
day/time requests and any other special scheduling info.

Click the “Create Class” button and you are done!

After you arrive at Pennsic, please check in at University Point at your earliest convenience, to let us know you are on-site and ready to teach, and to pick up your teacher tokens.

If your class will be held in a private camp, merchant tent, or other location, please provide University Point with detailed directions to your camp from the Point.

University Point is open Tuesday, July 30 through Friday, August 9

Teachers are not required nor expected to check IDs or ages of anyone attending their classes. We trust that parents will use good judgement in sending their children to appropriate classes; and that the teachers will use good judgement and inform the responsible adult with any youth if material in the class is unsuitable for minors.

Attending Classes

There is no charge to attend any Pennsic classes. Some classes have handout and/or materials fees, but you may audit any class without cost, subject to safety considerations. There are no signup lists permitted for any class. All class materials should be provided in a first come/first serve basis.

Please do not come to “reserve” your place far ahead of your intended class when there is a class in session in the tent. Please use an empty tent to wait.

For help in finding class times and locations, or for directions to classes held at other locations around Pennsic come to University Point – we are located between on St. Lawrence Way in the Pennsic University block.


  • Minors are welcome to attend Pennsic University classes, except for those noted as “Adults Only”.
  • Any minor (under 18) who wishes to attend a University class in a private encampment, a merchant booth, or in Bog University tents must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who stays with them during the class.
  • Children under 12 may attend classes in the regular University tents but must have a parent or legal guardian within direct eyesight for the duration of the class.
  • Children under 12 may attend YouthU and TeenU classes in the University tents unaccompanied.

Pennsic Event Guide

The schedule of classes is listed in the Pennsic Event Guide. However, this book goes to press well before War starts. Additions, deletions, and changes to classes will be posted each day at University Point and at Information Point You can also use Thing online (look under “Schedules/Changes from Book”).

Up-to-date class listings

Once the student module of Thing 2.0 has been deployed (first week in July), the full schedule of classes will be available at the online University Class scheduling site, Thing. Use the "Search All Classes" button to view a searchable list of available classes. Once the class has been scheduled, the date time and location of the class will be included in the listing. This module will also allow you to follow the classes you want to take, and create your own personal schedule of classes to print off or view on your mobile device.

Facebook Page

If you have any issues using Thing or any bugs or Kudos you wish to pass on to the developers, then please report them at

Pennsic University activities take place in several locations.

  • University Square (St. Lily’s Commons)
    Class tents 1 – 13
  • Dragon Trace tents
    Class tents 14 – 15
  • TumbleHome Square
    Class tents 16-19
  • Bog U (block E19, northwest side of the lake, south of Willow point road)
  • Dance Pavilion, Games’ Tent, Modern Games Tent
  • Battlefield Tent, Battlefield Loud 1 and Battlefield Loud 2 tents, Main Battlefield, Tourney Fields (east side of the Battlefield), Archery Range, Thrown Weapons Range, Performing Arts Rehersal Classroom (PARC)
    (see map)
  • Amphitheater
    (see map – behind the merchants on the Great Middle Hwy)
  • Youth Point, Heralds’ Point
    (by the Playground)
  • Middle Eastern Pavilion
    (east side of the Great Middle Hwy, on top of the hill)
  • Æthelmearc Scribal Pavilion, Private Camps, Merchant Booths: directions available at University Point
We strongly encourage volunteers to become part of the Pennsic University team. Many hands make light(er) work! Please contact The University Point Coordinator

Positions: 6 people are needed for each 2 hour shift:

University Point desk staff – 2 per shift, to answer questions and assist students in finding classes.

Pennsic University Ambassadors – 2 per shift, to rove around the University area providing directions, along with some other duties around the University.

University Point Shift Supervisor – 1 per shift, to answer questions and man the database.

Senior University Staff Member- For situations above and beyond the Shift Supervisor

All positions will be documented with easy-to-use reference cards, so you don’t need any special knowledge, except the knowledge that we will think you are awesome!


  • to get in touch with one of last year’s teachers
  • to get information about a previous year’s class, or
  • to request that a class be taught again this year

    please contact the Registrar or the University Point Coordinator (see top of page) by email or through our Facebook page.

For Teachers

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Teachers/Class Registration

Teachers – please familiarize yourself with the University Policies and FAQs, then register to teach at You can enter, update, and even delete your classes yourself.

If you have questions about teaching a class or about the on-line Teacher Registration, contact the Registrar, Baroness Gwynnyd of York. She will be happy to answer any questions, but all requests to teach must be submitted in writing.

At Pennsic – Please come to University Point to register new classes.


On-line class scheduling closes on July 23. After that date, you can still schedule classes by coming to see us at Pennsic, at University Point.

Classes are generally scheduled as they are submitted, so to get the time slots and locations you want, register early!

Classes that were registered by the publication deadline (June 1) will appear in the Pennsic Guide Book.

Classes registered after that date will appear in the on-line schedule, and will be posted at University Point.