Greetings unto the scholars and students of the Known World!

We of Pennsic University are looking forward to helping you learn.

There are more than a thousand classes to choose from – peruse the class schedule and prepare to be amazed at the breadth and depth of the knowledge that can be found in our SCA.

Pennsic University is only made possible by the dedication and talents of every one of our hundreds of instructors who volunteer their time and expertise to inspire and teach. Thank you all so much for sharing your SCA with the rest of us!

Visit the University’s Facebook page for info and updates about this year’s classes!

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There is no such thing as a "grant of land" for private camps to host classes.

ALL tents at Pennsic University are a limited resource but we will attempt to meet specific location requests. If we have to make a change, we will make every attempt to contact the teacher and let them know.
When registering, please use the "Scheduling additional" box on the form to request specific locations, including holding the class in the Bog University.

For safety and logistics reasons we prefer that all classes are taught in University tents. We do allow Pennsic University classes to be held in a private camp or merchant space if there is a good reason to allow it, for example:

  • You have heavy equipment that would be difficult to move (i.e.: blacksmith forges, wood lathes, or large looms) 
  • There is some ambiance that contributes greatly to the mood of the class (i.e.: Mongol culture classes being held in a yurt, Japanese tea ceremony in a Japanese style encampment, Middle Eastern music in a merchant booth specializing in ME instruments).

A class intended primarily for children may not be held in a private camp or merchant booth.

You must provide University Point with detailed directions to your camp or merchant booth. You can do this when you arrive onsite and check in with University Point.

Some of the University tents do have electricity. If you request it via the "Special Needs" section of the Teacher Registration Form, you will be assigned to a tent with power. However, it is strongly recommended that teachers find a "period" method of sharing visual information. Among other issues, if the power goes out, Pennsic University staff can do nothing to aid you during the disruption of your class.

Sorry, no. We can give you directions to the nearest copy store. We recommend bringing 10 copies of any handouts, or more if you're teaching a class that has been very popular in the past. You could also make arrangements to send your students emailed copies of the handouts after Pennsic.

Contact the Registrar and we'll try our best. Please keep in mind that for certain days and times, tent space is very scarce -- we're not trying to be difficult, but to ensure everyone gets as good a slot as possible. Preference will be given to those requesting a time first. We will try to accommodate requested changes, but can make no guarantees.

Yes, please. When you check in, it assures us that you are actually on site and will be available to teach your class at the scheduled time. If any conflicts in your schedule have arisen, you can resolve them at this time. And – best of all – you can pick up your teacher token.

YES. While you may state a limit on the number of handouts or materials kits you will be bringing, you are not allowed to stop people from coming to your class and "auditing" it.

We have a limited number of whiteboards and markers available at University Point. If a teacher wishes to bring projectors or other electrical equipment, they are welcome to request electricity to power them. (Also see the "Can I use electrical equipment?" question.)

Brevity is CRITICAL -- Class descriptions are limited to 150 characters. Run it through a good spell-checker, and have a friend proofread it. Make sure everything students need to know is mentioned in your description.

Like other Pennsic classes, teachers are volunteers – you cannot charge for your time or labor. Materials, including handouts, can be charged at their "fair value". In other words, while you may never charge for a student to simply attend a class, you may ask for a fair, non-labor cost fee for materials and handouts the students use in that class.

No - on your Classes page you will see all the classes you taught last year. Simply click the "Request for This Year" button, and the new class form will open up with all the information except date and location already filled out. Just complete the scheduling request information as normal and click the "Create Class" button.

No - if you have taught in the last four years, your Teacher information should still be in the system. After logging in, please update your Pennsic attendance dates and make sure your profile information is current for this year.

If you can't find a login that works, contact us for help rather than making a new login.

Please use the "Scheduling Additional" field in the class registration form to add notes for special scheduling instructions.

If your class listing has information missing or misspelled, wrong dates and/or times, or your classes are not listed, please contact the Registrar ASAP. We'll fix them as fast as possible.

Select "Other". Please use the "Scheduling additional" field if you want to indicate what topic/track your class should be under.

While we appreciate the enthusiasm of teachers who wants to offer many different classes and sessions, we reserve the right to trim some multiple offerings due to space and time constraints. If you wish to underline the need to teach multiple times, please contact the Registrar.

No. Pennsic University - like all of the SCA – is based on the idea of "knowledge freely shared". No instructors are compensated for any reason – except in the ability to attend other, excellent classes.

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Advance sign up sheets are NOT allowed. Materials/handouts, if any, will be distributed in first come - first served order when the class starts. People may still sit in on any class even if the teacher runs out of materials.

There are no sign up lists anywhere before the class. All classes are "first come, first served", i.e.: Kits and handouts should be provided in arrival order, where possible to determine. If it is not possible to determine arrival order, or there is unresolvable contention for a limited number of kits or handouts, a blind draw lottery is encouraged to select recipients.

There are no class limits allowed, except for safety purposes. Teachers may limit the number of handouts/materials/kits that they provide but classes may be attended by everyone who shows up, unless there is a safety consideration.

To justify the enormous amount of resources used by the University, attendance in the main, numbered, University tents is tracked by the Pennsic University Staff. Track Coordinators may choose to track attendance in outlying tents.

Pre-approval is needed to use *any* heat sources - yes, even a candle – in any University tent, and special care needs to be taken to not damage the tents or tables or chairs.

In Pennsic University heat sources can be used ONLY by pre-approval in a very limited number of tents. This restriction does not apply to classes held in private encampments.

If your class requires use of a heat source (including, but not limited to: candles, camp stoves, hot plates, charcoal burners, Sterno™ cans, propane torches), you must obtain prior approval from the University Chancellor or designate. This includes glass classes. Failure to receive prior approval may result in not scheduling or the cancellation of your class.

Classes using heat sources must move tables as far away from tent walls as possible to minimize the chance of damage to the canvas.

Small open flame sources such as candles or Sterno™ cans must be placed on a fireproof surface to prevent damage to tabletops.

Larger flame sources such as camp stoves or charcoal burners must be securely set on a level tabletop and make use of a flame shield/windbreak if available.

Propane torches, such as those used for glass bead making, must be securely affixed to the edge of the table at all times, not hand-held or standing on the tabletop, and be pointed away from tent walls. When working with hot glass, a heatproof surface must cover all tabletops to reduce the possibility of damage or fire.

All active heat sources must be supervised at all times.

Do not expect to make money for teaching Pennsic University classes. It is not a sales venue.

Pennsic University is not a profit center or primarily an advertising venue for University Teachers.

Pennsic University classes (classes registered and published in the "Thing") are not booked and tracked for sales tax compliance or other such concerns generally overseen by the Merchants office. Therefore, Pennsic Teachers shall not charge anything over expenses for materials or be given any compensation in exchange for teaching Pennsic University classes.

Teachers may provide kits and materials for classes (at their cost, which can be collected during the class). They may provide loaner tools (and shared/loaner tools for hands on classes is strongly encouraged), or offer to provide tools and material through their merchant booth, but at no time should the teachers expect any students to pay teacher compensation to attend and reasonably participate in classes.

All materials or tools for the class that must specifically be purchased in order to take the class must be clearly published in the description of the class, and the fee/costs clearly stated in the "fees" section of the class registration. If these materials or tools are of substantial cost to the students and are normally available at a Merchant Booth, such specific tools/materials must be purchased outside the University at a properly registered Merchant booth and taxes properly collected on the transactions. There will be no exceptions.

Failure to adhere to this policy will result in classes being cancelled. The teacher will be prevented from teaching again and reported to the Coopers for infraction of Merchant Rules.

Teachers will not give modern world medical or legal advice, unless teaching a First Aid class and they have proper certifications.

If you are providing classes giving a period treatment of medical or legal issues within the historical context, that is a great thing and we strongly encourage such instruction. These classes are required, however, to preface the class session with a statement such as follows:

"Pennsic University does not advocate the adoption of any diagnostic method or course of treatment not performed by properly licensed practitioners in accordance with modern world medical (or legal) standard of care. This class will present medically (or legally) significant information for purely informational purposes only. The University strongly recommends that you always inform, and obtain advice from, modern world medical (or legal) professionals before altering or starting any course of diagnosis or treatment (or engaging in any legal practice) based on this class."

No class can be offered that can be reasonably be thought of as taking the place of licensed or otherwise certified caregivers or providers, whether it be as child care (in loco parentis), or as a source of modern world legal, medical or psychological advice. This policy is put in place with the advice and consent of the Mayor’s office and exists due to ongoing liability concerns.

The University strongly encourages the study and research of period medical or legal practices. However, the University will not support or endorse any classes that may be reasonably considered to be practicing law or medicine or advocating the practice of law or medicine. The line is drawn at anything that seems to be advocating, in our classes, any such period practices, offered in any way, such that they may be reasonably considered as standing in lieu of modern world medical or legal advice or giving medical treatment that is at variance with modern world standards of medical care. First-aid and other such classes offered by instructors shall have and be expected to show authoritative modern world certification to give such instruction.

Only classes in "Thing" can be called Pennsic University classes. The University Staff will do its best to publish changes and additions in the best, most timely manner it can.

Pennsic University does not endorse or support any classes that are not scheduled through Pennsic University and the "Thing". Pennsic University assumes no responsibility for any classes not registered through its official process. Any classes given by or through third parties or other entities are NOT part of the University.

Every reasonable attempt to publish additions, deletions, and changes to the class list will be made, to the best of the Staff's abilities. Unfortunately, these attempts may not be perfectly satisfactory in all cases, especially for last minute and on-site changes.

In all cases, the definitive list and schedule of classes will be in "Thing". The On-site books, the schedule at University Point in binders, and the Pennsic Independent are not authoritative. "Thing" is the authoritative and most up to date resource.

Tables and chairs belong in the tent they are tagged to. Performing Arts Tents' chairs may not be borrowed by other tents. PA and University tent furniture cannot be used anywhere else. Outlying tents have no chairs.

Chairs and tables are limited. Tents and chairs may be borrowed to make up for higher than expected attendance, but MUST BE RETURNED AT THE END OF THE CLASS To THE TENT THEY WERE TAKEN FROM. Tell students to take the chairs back if they took them as there is no one else to do it.

Because we have had problems in the past, remember that the chairs in the Performing Arts Tents are OFF LIMITS. If you see a student borrowing from the PA tent, tell them to put it back. Tables or chairs MAY NOT EVER be removed from the central University Area to anywhere outside the main University area without FIRST obtaining the direct and explicit permission and cooperation of the Chancellor.

There are no tables and chairs in any outlying University tent (Battlefield, Kingdoms, Middle Eastern Dance, etc), except in the Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent. For all classes in the outlying tents, students will provide their own chairs. Class descriptions for such classes should have language to that effect added.

University tents are *only* for classes. They should be kept clean & neat. Power where available in tents is not a public resource.

Pennsic University tents may only be used for activities approved by the University Chancellor or other Pennsic senior staff as designated by the Chancellor.

Pennsic University tents may not be reserved for private, individual, or household parties at any time.

Sleeping or camping is prohibited in Pennsic University tents, except in cases of extreme emergency (i.e., a severe storm or other natural disaster) in which Pennsic staff have designated the University tents as a shelter point.

Teachers are responsible for the condition and cleanliness of the tent when they have finished. If your class includes a process that may produce sharp fragments, splinters, or shards (including but not limited to woodworking or metalworking), you must devise a way to collect any sharp fragments from the tent at the end of your class to avoid the possibility of injury to others.

Glass-related classes must devise a way of collecting any fragments of broken glass from the tent interior to avoid the possibility of injury to others.

While most tents have power outlets, the total amount of electrical power available to the University is limited. To prevent tripped circuits, electrical outlets in the tents should be used only for class related activities (i.e., running a computer or projector for a lecture). Use of any equipment requiring significant power draw or running for longer than a normal class time (120 minutes, maximum) must be approved by the University Chancellor or designate.

Teachers may drop off class materials at the roadside from a motor vehicle, but must then move the vehicle to legal parking during the class.

Privately-owned motorized vehicles may deliver goods such as class materials to the perimeter of the University grounds but cannot remain there for the duration of the class and must be removed immediately after delivery is made. There is no parking on University grounds. You may not drive inside the perimeter without prior approval from the Chancellor or designate.

This does not apply to mobility aids or similar personal vehicles and handcarts. Where such vehicles are not the primary seating for the occupant/user, then they must be placed discretely out of main area of the tent to allow others to sit comfortably.

Use only the ropes provided to pull up the tent walls and use the quick release half-hitch knot when doing so. The last teacher of the day will pull the all the quick release knots and lower the walls before leaving the tent.

Do not drop, unclip, or undo the sides of the tent to open it up for airflow or allow students to do it. The weight of the walls on the tent roof is necessary for safety reasons.

Pennsic University provides "brailing" ropes to raise the sides of each tent to allow airflow in hot weather. These are on the top of the walls with two lengths hanging down, one of which has a loop. If your tent does not have enough tie points, notify University Point and we will bring more ties to the tent right away.

Pennsic University asks that you use the correct "slipped half-hitch" (similar to a bridle hitch knot or half of a shoe-tying knot) to tie up the sides. If you don’t know how to do it, ask at the Point and staff will show you. It’s an easy knot that comes undone just by pulling one line. If you are unable to reach these lines, notify University Point so we can help.

Do NOT unclip, roll up and re-clip the walls; try to tie up the sides of the tent using any other knot or lines; or undo any lines to the posts that secure the tent to the ground.

In the event of a sudden storm or high winds, the tent sides must be down and in place to prevent the tents from blowing out and tearing. Pull the quick-release knots to lower the sides.

The Teacher for the last class scheduled in any tent is responsible for pulling all the quick-release knots when they leave so the tent is closed up.

In classes, youths under 12 need to bring supervision; youth over 12 are OK, as long as it is not an "adults only" class or they get rowdy. In private camps, all minors need to bring their legal guardian.

Youths under 12 years of age must be accompanied at all times by a parent or responsible adult or teenager in all University venues. Unaccompanied minors 12 years or older may attend classes in University venues so long as the classes are not registered as "adults only" and they behave in a respectful attentive manner.

In all University sponsored classes in private camps or merchant booths, all minors under 18 MUST be accompanied at all times by a parent or court appointed legal guardian. This category includes classes at "Touch the Earth" and Æthelmearc Royal.

No minors will be permitted in "Adults only" classes, with the exception of infants in arms at the Teacher's discretion.

Pennsic University does not sponsor any "youth oriented" or "youth only" classes. All such classes are scheduled and overseen through Youth Point.

Any questions or situations outside of this policy will be decided on a one by one basis as needed by University staff and/or the Mayor's Office.

For Teachers

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Teachers/Class Registration

Teachers – please familiarize yourself with the University Policies and FAQs, then register to teach at You can enter, update, and even delete your classes yourself.

If you have questions about teaching a class or about the on-line Teacher Registration, contact the Registrar, Baroness Gwynnyd of York. She will be happy to answer any questions, but all requests to teach must be submitted in writing.

At Pennsic – Please come to University Point to register new classes.


On-line class scheduling closes on July 23. After that date, you can still schedule classes by coming to see us at Pennsic, at University Point.

Classes are generally scheduled as they are submitted, so to get the time slots and locations you want, register early!

Classes that were registered by the publication deadline (June 1) will appear in the Pennsic Guide Book.

Classes registered after that date will appear in the on-line schedule, and will be posted at University Point.

Please log in with the same email and password as last year; all your teacher information should still be there.

You will be asked to update your profile. Please take the time to make sure all your information is up-to-date and correct: date of arrival at Pennsic, Kingdom, Phone, Email, etc.

You will be able to import your classes from last year:

  • On your Classes page you will see last year's classes.
  • If you click on the "Request for This Year" button, a class form will open up with all the data already filled out (except anything related to date or scheduling).
  • Please review the class information, make sure it is current and correct, and then enter your day/time requests and any other special scheduling info.
  • Click the "Create Class" button and you are done!

After you arrive at Pennsic, please check in at University Point at your earliest convenience, to let us know you are on-site and ready to teach, and to pick up your teacher tokens.

If your class will be held in a private camp, merchant tent, or other location, please provide University Point with detailed directions to your camp from the Point.

University Point is open Tuesday, August 1 through Friday, August 11

Teachers are not required nor expected to check IDs or ages of anyone attending their classes. We trust that parents will use good judgement in sending their children to appropriate classes; and that the teachers will use good judgement and inform the responsible adult with any youth if material in the class is unsuitable for minors.

Attending Classes

There is no charge to attend any Pennsic classes. Some classes have handout and/or materials fees, but you may audit any class without cost, subject to safety considerations. There are no signup lists permitted for any class. All class materials should be provided in a first come/first serve basis.

Please do not come to "reserve" your place far ahead of your intended class when there is a class in session in the tent. Please use an empty tent to wait.

For help in finding class times and locations, or for directions to classes held at other locations around Pennsic come to University Point – we are located between on St. Lawrence Way in the Pennsic University block.


  • Minors are welcome to attend Pennsic University classes, except for those noted as "Adults Only".
  • Any minor (under 18) who wishes to attend a University class in a private encampment, a merchant booth, or in Bog University tents must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who stays with them during the class.
  • Children under 12 may attend classes in the regular University tents but must have a parent or legal guardian within direct eyesight for the duration of the class.
  • Children under 12 may attend YouthU and TeenU classes in the University tents unaccompanied.

Pennsic Event Guide

The schedule of classes is listed in the Pennsic Event Guide. However, this book goes to press well before War starts.

Additions, deletions, and changes to classes will be posted each day at University Point and printed in the Pennsic Independent newspaper. You can also use Thing online (look under "Schedules/Changes from Book").

Up-to-date class listings

The full class schedule is available at the online University Class scheduling site, Thing. Use the "Schedule/All Classes" menu to view printable/mobile device-friendly versions of the calendar.

You can also create an account on Thing to follow the classes you want to take, and create your own personal schedule of classes to print off or view on your mobile device.

Facebook Page

If you have any issues using Thing or any bugs or Kudos you wish to pass on to the developers, then please report them at

Pennsic University activities take place in several locations. 

  • University Square (St. Lily's Commons) 
    Class tents 1 - 13
  • Dragon Trace tents 
    Class tents 14 - 16
  • TumbleHome Square  
    Class tents 17-20
  • Bog U (block E24, southeast side of the lake) 
  • Dance Pavilion, Games' Tent
  • Battlefield Tent, Battlefield Loud 1 and Battlefield Loud 2 tents, Main Battlefield, Tourney Fields (east side of the Battlefield), Archery Range, Thrown Weapons Range 
    (see map)
  • College of Performing Arts, Amphitheater 
    (see map - behind the merchants on the Great Middle Hwy)
  • Performing Arts Rehearsal and Classroom Tent - Located by amphitheater (near willow tree)
  • Youth Point, Heralds' Point 
    (by the Playground)
  • Middle Eastern Pavilion 
    (east side of the Great Middle Hwy, on top of the hill)
  • Æthelmearc Scribal Pavilion, Private Camps, Merchant Booths: directions available at University Point

We strongly encourage volunteers to become part of the Pennsic University team. Many hands make light(er) work! Please contact The University Point Coordinator

Positions: Five people are needed for each 2 hour shift:

University Point desk staff - 2 per shift, to answer questions and assist students in finding classes.

Pennsic University Ambassadors - 2 per shift, to rove around the University area providing directions, along with some other duties around the University.

University Point Shift Supervisor - 1 per shift, to answer questions and man the database.

All positions will be documented with easy-to-use reference cards, so you don't need any special knowledge, except the knowledge that we will think you are awesome!


  • to get in touch with one of last year's teachers
  • to get information about a previous year's class, or
  • to request that a class be taught again this year

    please contact the Registrar or the University Point Coordinator (see top of page) by email or through our Facebook page.

Mistress Ciara MacRobbie (OP)

Pennsic University Chancellor

Mistress Gwynnyd of York (OP)

Registrar (Class Scheduler)

Baroness Gina Dragoni

University (A&S) Point Coordinator

Mistress Artemisia Lacebrayder

Pennsic University "Thing" User Support