Pennsic War is celebrating it’s 50th Year!

Because of this, we are anticipating increased attendance and will need your help more than ever. While we have volunteers on site weeks before the event actually starts, setting up the infrastructure so that when we arrive, our own village is ready for us to have fun. It requires a lot of help when the event goes active and is entirely conducted by volunteers, from the Mayor on down. The tasks required to carry out such a huge enterprise are staggering.

Knowing this, I would like to say that Pennsic needs help from all of you! If you have ever wanted to know how something this large is run, volunteering is the best way to learn. If everyone gave an hour, there would not be enough jobs to go around. There are volunteering opportunities for everyone – walking, driving, sitting, tasks that will give you a workout, and tasks that are clerical. If you are as excited as we are about all the activities Pennsic offers, I implore you to please consider offering an hour or two of your time. My job is to find tasks that fit your abilities and benefit us all.


Volunteer Point

Volunteer Point is open daily from 9am to 4pm and is located at The Watch. Please stop in and sign up!

Volunteer Now!

Pennsic is looking for you to help and service, you can sign up beforehand via this link:

Use our on-line Volunteer Form to let us know what positions you would like to learn more about, or to sign up

if you know which department(s) you are interested in working for before coming to War.

Volunteer Often!

If you already know what department you are interested in volunteering for, you can go online and sign up
ahead of time.

Or you can go directly to that service point to sign up there when you get to War. If you don’t, and just want to
help where you’re needed, locations with open shifts at the various service points will be posted everyday at
Volunteer Point in the Watch tent, as well as on the Pennsic War Facebook page, and you can always check
in at the various service points.
Thank you for being willing to make Pennsic War go so smoothly for us all! I look forward to seeing and
meeting many of you.