Greetings from Family Point!

We are hard at work planning a full slate of activities for our attendees, and we need your help! If you are able to help with one of the following tasks, we would be deeply grateful for your service! You can also help us by personally reaching out to folks you know going to Pennsic who might be willing to help, or posting to your own personal pages to increase our reach. 

YouthU and TeenU Teachers

What: Teach A&S Classes to one of our older age groups. They love hands on classes like block printing, illumination, fingerloop braiding, and sewing, as well as basic SCA knowledge, heraldry, persona specific and research classes. Often these are the exact same classes teachers provide to adults, just a second session aimed for Youth to lower stress/intimidation 

TeenU – 12+ in the Regular Pennsic U Area: Enter the class in choosing Teen University as the track or email for help.

YouthU – 8-14ish in our YouthU Tent at Family Point: Enter the class in choosing Youth University as the track or email for help or to ask about premade classes. 

Family Point Teachers

What: Teach classes and activities to those 10 and under in our main Family Point Tent. We have many premade classes that just need a facilitator, but we are always open to more ideas, especially for our youngest students. 

Signup: Enter the class in choosing Teen University as the track or email if you’d like to teach a pre-made class or need help with ideas. 

Family Point Assistants

What: 3 hour shifts assisting teachers, teaching simple classes, preparing materials, and tidying up materials. No background check or special credentials needed, just a willingness to work with children and help out! Teen Volunteers are welcome!

Signup: Signup Here!

Family Point and TeenU Supervisors

What: 3 hour shifts supervising Family Point. Must have SCA youth clearances. Keep an eye on the smooth running of our three tents, direct assistants and teachers where necessary, and provide needed info to parents and families. 

Signup Here!

Leonete D’Angely – Family Point Coordinator