Arts and Sciences Display

Known World Arts & Sciences Display / Youth Arts & Sciences Display

Come and be part of the awesome display of craftsmanship from the Known World!

Pennsic 50 brings the annual display of the talents & knowledge of the Known World’s Artisans and Craftspeople. The variety and scope of work are always a wondrous spectacle of artistic talents and scientific skills.

The display is not a competition. Bring your completed items, works-in-progress, research, and discussion material so that you may share, inspire, and enrich our Society. See what others in your field are working on, discover a new passion, make new contacts, and most importantly, have fun!

I look forward to seeing you and your works. 
Lady Adele Lochlane

The Arts & Sciences Display will be held on Sunday, August 6th, in the Great Hall across
from the European Dance Tent. 

11:30 Artisans may set up their entries 
1:00 the Display is open to the public 
5:00 Break down displays

• All objects / displays need to be removed by 5:30. 
• Please assist with the take down of tables to return the Great Hall to its empty state. 
• Any display items left behind will be taken to Lost & Found.

Online Registration: 
 Use the online A&S Display form to pre-register. 
 Online Registration is open until July 27 2023.
 Registration is limited to 90 entrants
 You only need to submit one form, no matter how many items you are displaying.
 Space will be assigned to those who pre-register in the order they are received.

Registration at Pennsic may be possible, depending on how much table space is still available.
Onsite late sign-up sheets will be available at University Point through 3:00pm Saturday, Aug 5.

Please contact Lady Adele with any questions.

The Youth Arts & Sciences Display will take place in the Great Hall at the same time as the
general display.

It will be in a designated area near the entrance of the Hall. Artisans may set up between
11:30 am - 1 pm.

To Register:
 Before Pennsic: Register online with the above A&S Display Form. Please note the
word Youth in the notes section.
 At Pennsic: Come to University Point before 3:00 pm Saturday Aug 5; there will be a
Youth A&S Display sign-up sheet.
 Documentation sheets will be available at University Point and at the sign-in table
during the display.

The display space is divided by Kingdom, allowing the Royalty, Peers, and Populace to see
the efforts of their Craftspeople more easily.

 Only tables and benches will be provided. Please bring your own chair if you do not
want to spend the day sharing a bench.
 There is a limit of 6 ft wide space per person (not per item). If you wish to bring
alternative display items (stand, additional table, etc,) please let me know. 
 If you have any special requirements of space, please describe it on your registration
form, or contact the A&S Display Coordinator.
 You are not required to be present with your items. If you can only attend for part of
the day, please still bring your items to share. However, please have someone to
watch your items when you cannot be there. We cannot watch all the items, and do
not take responsibility for them.
 Masks will be required

The A&S Consultation Table is a chance for artisans to voluntarily request rigorous feedback
to help them improve in their art. The focus of this feedback is on extensive research,
historical understanding, and exemplary execution. These are all things that are important at
A&S Championship competitions but also other activities throughout the Society, such as
displays and other personal projects. Even if you never plan to enter A&S competitions you
can use this table as an opportunity for feedback. 

Artisans: You have the option of signing up for voluntary constructive feedback at the A&S
Consultation Tables after you have gone through the registration table. This is in addition to
your other A&S Display activities and is no way required. 
 We will visit you at your table to view your display and talk to you. We can also work
with you on scheduling a specific time.
 You will not receive a score and there is nothing to win.
 You will have a chance to talk to experienced judges and walk through their thought
process as they examine your entry.
 We can give you directed feedback and we can also walk you through example
judging rubrics. It depends on what help you are requesting.
 We will attempt to accommodate as many entries as possible.

Consultants: We also welcome volunteer consultants. Want to help? Let us know! You are
the ones who are going to help make the A&S Consultation Tables successful.

 We would welcome you for the full four hours; a two hour shift would also help. Let us
know what you can do and we will work with you.
 Never consulted before and want to learn? Let us know. You can be a shadow
consultant. We would welcome the company.
 We also hope that this will make the judging experience more constructive and more
 If you are interested in helping, please contact us. (please sign up in advance).