Pennsic Event Safety staff are here to support you in having a memorable event.

Here are some quick highlights to ensure that you all have a problem-free vacation:

  • Refer to the Site Rules and Site Policies in the Event Guide, as they are designed to keep everyone safe.
  • Remember to keep track of your children and belongings, always.
  • Report any suspicious behavior to any Pennsic staff member.
  • Follow all Traffic and Parking rules, as we really hate towing your vehicle.
  • Roadways must always stay open for emergency vehicles.
  • Please ensure you leave no unattended fires.
  • Stay hydrated and use sunscreen!!

As we have always asked in the past, please remember the ideals of our Society and treat each other with courtesy and respect.

We look forward to assisting you in whatever way we can and greatly appreciate your support in helping us make this a safe and fun vacation for everyone.

The Watch tent is located across from Troll, at the corner of Dragon Trace and Brewer’s Road (see map). Please feel free to visit with any questions or concerns you may have. 

We welcome volunteers for cart patrols and some support positions at Watch Point. Stop by and sign up. You must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid driver's license if you want to drive a cart.

If you need to reach The Watch and cannot make it to Watch Point, you may contact using the non-emergency phone number: (571) 629-1853

First Aid Point is just next door on Brewer’s Road and is staffed around the clock with EMS support. Should you need immediate help, flag down any Pennsic staff member, or call 911 and notify the dispatch that you are at Cooper’s Lake Campground in Worth Township. The dispatch center will notify our on-site medical support staff to respond. Please give an accurate description of your location and the condition so we can get there quickly to help.

Pennsic no longer provides water bearers to supply water to combatants or during other events.  Households, camps, or other individuals are welcome to use to make use of Pennsic Cow Filters around the battlefield and other locations but will need to utilize their own containers.  Event Safety staff ensure these cows are maintained.  

Please bring your own water bottles for activities. 

If you have questions about water services, please contact the Waterworks Coordinator (Water 1) Magdalena Txoperena de Guerra

Rules regarding children at Pennsic are contained in the site rules and parents should make themselves aware of those rules. The Watch and Pennsic are not a babysitting service. Please take care of your children and please remind them of curfew rules.

For reference, the specific rules regarding children according to the site rules are as follows (Note: these rules exist as number 4 under the Troll policies in the general site rules and emphasis added here regarding curfew portions):

  1. If you arrive with a minor who is not your own child, you must be at least 21 years of age and present at Troll the following for EACH minor child for whom you are responsible.
    1. An original (no photocopies or scans will be accepted) SCA “Minor Waiver & Consent to Travel/Medical Authorization Form” (often referred to as the “Florida Form”) – fully completed by the minor child’sparent/legal guardian and duly notarized on both the top and bottom halves of said document for EACH minor child.
    2. The required paperwork is found on the SCA Web Page at:
    3. You will be required to sign a waiver in the child's name before admittance.
    4. Upon completion of this process, YOU will be considered the notarized guardian of said minor(s) for the duration of the Pennsic War.
    5. Lying on these waivers constitutes fraud and will result in your family's expulsion from the campground.
    6. Children under the age of 10 must be within voice range or in sight of a responsible adult or teenager at all times. After 11 p.m., minors under 18 must be in their encampments or in the company of a parent, legal guardian, notarized guardian or designated adult. 
    7. If Cooper’s Lake Campground or Pennsic War Event staff finds minors in breach of these rules, they will, for a first offense, escort the minor to their parent(s), legal guardian or notarized guardian, and issue a verbal warning. A report of the incident will be tendered to the host Kingdom Seneschal. On a second offense, the parent(s), legal guardian or notarized guardian will be required to keep their minor(s) with them for the remainder of the Pennsic War. A report on the incident will be tendered to the host Kingdom and Society Seneschals. On a third offense, the minor(s) and parent(s), legal guardian, or notarized guardian will be expelled from the event and the matter will be reported to the host Kingdom and Society Seneschals.
    8. All sponsored organized Youth Activities at Pennsic War shall be in compliance with the Governing Documents and Policies of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. These policies do not relieve parents or guardians of their primary responsibility for the welfare and behavior of their children and ensuring that their children’s activities are compliant with the current Pennsic War Site Rules and Site Policies.
  2. A parent, or legal guardian, or notarized guardian must remain at the War for as long as the minor remains on site. No minor may be left unattended at the site. Emancipated minors must show legal proof of emancipation, in addition to the ID mentioned in section 1 [of the site rules].

Traffic & Parking Policy Link

The following policies provide a comprehensive set of rules governing the operation of motor-vehicles during Pennsic.  Due to the close proximity and large volume of pedestrian traffic and other considerations, the operation of motor-vehicles on the grounds of Cooper’s Lake Campground (CLC) during Pennsic presents safety concerns.  As such, these rules are designed to allow participants the convenience of accessing their camps under limited circumstances, while reducing the likelihood of accidents.  These rules have been written as informed by specific incidents and issues which have been observed by CLC and Pennsic staff and are an effort to ensure equal and fair access, while equally ensuring safety for all participants.



Motor-vehicle: any vehicle which uses a motor (electric or petroleum-based fuel) to provide its primary means of movement.  This includes motorcycles.  This does not include personal mobility devices (“scooters”) and golf carts.

Passenger vehicle: any motor-vehicle with an overall length less than 22.5 feet (270 inches).  This includes pickups, SUVs, conversion vans, and some box trucks.  (The longest consumer vehicle produced is the Ford Super duty with crew cab and 8’ bed which is 267 inches long.)

Oversized vehicle: any motor-vehicle with an overall length more than of 22.5 feet (270 inches).  This includes box trucks, converted buses, RVs, etc.  It does not include pickup trucks, SUVs, and conversion vans or box trucks less than 22.5 feet in length.

Trailer: any wheeled vehicle which is towed behind another vehicle, and which lacks its own motor.  This does not include racks or trays which attach to a vehicle but do not have wheels of their own.  This also does not include trailers which have been converted to a mobile camping structure as defined elsewhere in Pennsic rules or policies.

Personal mobility device (“scooter”): A vehicle, typically on three or four wheels, which provides a method of propulsion (motor) to its user for purposes of mobility and access.  This does not include bicycles, “foot-powered” scooters, skateboards, or other recreational, human-powered means of transportation.  “Walkers” and other human-powered walking aids are not included in this policy.  For purposes of this policy, “motor” in this circumstance is exclusively electric as gas-powered devices are not allowed by policy of CLC.

Parked vehicle: any immobile motor-vehicle without a driver behind the wheel.

Stopped vehicle: any immobile motor-vehicle with a driver behind the wheel.

Parking: designated lot within the CLC for purpose of parking motor-vehicles.

VIP (or paid) parking: a subset of lots specifically designated by CLC personnel.  VIP parking is a function of CLC and requires you to surrender your Pennsic parking tag in order to access VIP lots.

Disability parking: a subset of lots specifically designated by CLC personnel.  These lots require a visible disability license plate or hang tag.

Roads/Roadways: pathways for vehicles and pedestrians marked by natural boundaries (pavement/stone) or by markers (painted lines) or both; and typically indicated by signage at the end or intersection.  

Nighttime hours: hours from one half-hour past troll closure until two hours prior to troll opening the next morning.  For purposes of this policy, that is defined as 10:30PM until 6:00AM.

“Party hopping”: the use of a motor-vehicle to travel and/or transport a person or persons within the campground, to or from any and all types of events, regardless of whether the driver has or has not consumed alcohol.  This definition is not limited to nighttime hours.


The operation of motor-vehicles on CLC presents a risk to operators and pedestrians.  As such, the following rules are to be enforced during the entirety of the Pennsic event:

  • Motor-vehicles in motion within CLC must remain within roadways, except when entering/departing a participant’s campsite.  Participants are encouraged to ensure appropriate planning to allow for motor-vehicles entering/departing their campsite to do so without impeding the roadway.  
  • All motor-vehicles must obey traffic signals.  This includes one-way markers and posted speed limits.  Note: the overall speed limit within CLC is 10MPH.  For most motor-vehicles in motion, this pace DOES NOT require the use of the motor-vehicle’s accelerator to maintain on level ground.  
  • No motor-vehicle may be operated, except in emergency situations, within CLC during nighttime hours south of Dragon Trace and Currie Road (that is, the lower “half” of the site essentially south of the troll, great hall, and Penn Marketplace areas).  If you need to leave site during nighttime hours, please contact the Watch and you will be escorted safely offsite.  
  • Motor-vehicles which must be operated (under escort in precluded areas) during nighttime hours must operate using headlights (not just parking/driving lights).
  • During nighttime hours, motor-vehicles may enter CLC via the North and Battlefield gates for the primary purpose of reaching parking areas.  While this does require the operation of motor-vehicles in areas north of Troll, the operation of motor-vehicles during nighttime hours is strongly discouraged even in areas not otherwise forbidden by other parts of this policy.
  • “Party hopping” of all types is forbidden.  The use of motor-vehicles for certain combat related activities (e.g. transportation of combatants/participants to/from any martial activity) is strictly at the discretion of CLC personnel and Pennsic event staff.  In such events (e.g. the Woods Battles), special and designated traffic and parking practices may be used to control traffic.  All participants in this event agree to expressly follow the instructions of event staff for the safe operation of these large events.  Failure to comply with event staff instructions presents a risk of serious injury and as such, is potential grounds for expulsion from the event or other appropriate sanctions.


General rule:

  • In general, motor-vehicles are not allowed to be parked anywhere outside of designated Pennsic event parking areas – even if the motor-vehicle is “covered”.  There are specific exceptions to this rule which are outlined below.  
    • The intention of this rule is that all motor-vehicles must be parked within parking areas.  If you find yourself confronted by parking staff about a motor-vehicle being parked in your camp or elsewhere outside of parking areas; and find yourself defending a violation of the reasons below, you should ask yourself why you are attempting to defend a violation of the principle and intent of this rule.)

The following rules will be enforced for the entirety of Pennsic:

  • Motor-vehicles may not be parked on a roadway.  “Insufficient space” inside or outside of a specific camp does not justify a participant stopping or parking their motor-vehicle in a way to impede a roadway for personal convenience.  Note: this may mean you need to park at a short distance from your camp in order to maintain clear roadways.
  • When loading and unloading a motor-vehicle, if you are unable to pull into your camping area, you should stop or park any motor-vehicle on the EAST (towards I-79) and NORTH (towards the main parking lot) sides of the road.  In areas of the site where this is impractical (due primarily to terrain), you should always stop or park on the same side as other motor-vehicles which may already be stopped or parked on the roadway.
  • There is no stopping or parking allowed in front of the CLC store or in “Town Square” (the area in front of Information point and adjacent to the ice vending).  Stopping or parking in these areas is strictly limited to CLC staff and vendors.  Failure to comply with this restriction may result in immediate towing of a motor-vehicle.  “Ice runs” and “grocery runs” to CLC shopping venues are not a justification for disregarding this rule.  Attendees of Pennsic are not CLC staff and may not use CLC Staff parking tags to circumvent this (or any) rule.  

Enforcement of the following rules will commence at 8:00AM on Monday of “Peace Week”, and will continue through the event until 6:00PM on Friday of “War Week”:

  • Motor-vehicles may not be parked in camp.  There is no disability exception to this rule. 
  • In general, attendees have six (6) hours from arrival (as noted on your motor-vehicle’s “hang tag” provided when you troll in) to unload your motor-vehicle and move it to parking – not including nighttime hours.  Due to nighttime driving restrictions, the following practical guide is being provided in order to clarify expected times for your motor-vehicle to be moved:


Arrival Time

Time by which motor-vehicle should be in parking

Troll opening through 4:00PM

6 hours from arrival on that day


7:00AM of the following day


8:00AM of the following day


9:00AM of the following day


10:00AM of the following day


11:00AM of the following day


12:00PM of the following day

  • Stopped motor-vehicles (as defined above) are allowed on-site to facilitate practical transfer of items to/from campsites (e.g. “town-runs”, etc.).  Motor-vehicles must not impede the roadway while stopped.  If the driver exists the motor-vehicle, the motor-vehicle is considered parked and, if outside of the allowed six-hour arrival window, the motor-vehicle is subject to parking policy enforcement instantly.  
    • Note: practical consideration of this rule means parking enforcement personnel will use significant discretion and observe interaction of parked vehicles which may be returning from a town run to unload.  As long as attendees are actively unloading a vehicle, they will not be asked to move to parking.  The intent of this rule is to prevent attendees from returning from a town run and parking their motor-vehicle in camp longer than necessary to unload.  We ask attendees to plan appropriately to have necessary assistance in their camp to facilitate unloading such that attendees do not have to remain stopped or parked beyond any time necessary to unload.

The following policy/practices are in effect for designated parking areas throughout Pennsic:

  • General parking areas are for passenger vehicles only.  No trailers are allowed in general, VIP, or disability parking.  Trailers parked in any of these areas are subject to immediate towing/removal.
  • All vehicles (including trailers) should be parked in a way which allows the maximum, efficient use of the parking area for all participants.  In most circumstances, this requires a maximum of four feet between vehicles.  
  • Vehicles may only be parked perpendicular to the direction of travel in the lanes (“face in” or “face out” to the ropes in the lane).
  • Trailers may be parked only as follows:
    • Detached trailers may be parked in the trailer parking area.  This area is in the far northeast corner of CLC and is marked by signage indicating “trailer drop-off”.  This area is for detached trailers only – parked with tongue facing the travel lane for access.
    • Attached trailers (that is, trailers which remain attached to their towing vehicle) may be parked in oversized parking only.
  • Oversized vehicles must be parked in the designated oversized parking areas.  Oversized vehicles parked in general, VIP, or disability parking may be towed.
  • Disability parking is for the use of those who have a marked (license plate or hang-tag) indicator of authority to use these parking areas.  
    • No personal mobility devices may be left in disability parking to “hold” a space.  Areas adjacent to disability lots will be provided for you to leave any personal mobility device.  
    • Vehicles without a marker (license plate or hang-tag) parked in disability parking will be subject to immediate towing.
    • Trailers may not be parked in disability parking.
    • (Note: The ADA only requires CLC provide a minimum number of spaces based on attendance.  That requirement is far below demand, in the range of ~120 spaces.  Every effort will be made to provide sufficient disability parking to support attendees of the event, but parking – including disability parking – is a first-come, first-served commodity.)
  • VIP parking is controlled by CLC and requires attendees obtain a replacement parking pass (in exchange for your Pennsic hang-tag) from the War Room.  Hours and availability for these passes is strictly controlled by CLC staff.  Use of a VIP parking pass does not entitle the holder to any additional benefit other than the ability to park in designated VIP parking areas.  VIP parking pass holders are subject to all other provisions within this policy.


    • Vehicles which: block essential services such as Porta-Johns, Pennsic War facilities, CLC facilities; park in specifically marked “no parking” zones; whose driver, passenger(s) or other attendee(s) remove road barricades on closed roads; or block or otherwise obstruct the ability of emergency services to perform their task or the bus to pass, are subject to immediate towing without any prior notice. 
  • Vehicles which are improperly parked or are in violation of any site rule or site policy are subject to immediate towing without any prior notice. 
  • Warnings may be provided based solely on the judgment of Event Safety personnel but are not required
  • All costs of towing vehicles shall be the responsibility of the Owner/Operator of the vehicle in question. 
  • The Watch will maintain a list of all towed vehicles and which towing company is holding the vehicle.  If your vehicle is towed and you need contact information about the company, please contact The Watch.


  • RV's have their own camping area and regulations. Arrangements for RV camping must be made through CLC. 
  • No one may live in a registered motor vehicle other than those in RV Camping. There is no disability exception to this rule.


  • If your vehicle breaks down in the middle of a road or parking area, or becomes stuck in some fashion, please leave a note on the dashboard identifying the issue and the time it occurred and then immediately report the breakdown to the Watch Tent. Unreported disabled vehicles that are improperly parked or block access as described in these policies, will be towed, without notice, at the owner’s expense. 
    • Should your disabled vehicle need extraction, you may contact the CLC War Room for determination if assistance/towing is possible. Due to increased use of plastic in car construction, CLC may decline to tow/extract your vehicle, if in their opinion, an unsafe or damageable condition exists or may occur. 
    • If your vehicle is declined for towing/extraction, you will be required to contact a commercial towing company (information on available companies may be obtained from The Watch or in other section of Pennsic Site Rules). 


  • Repeat or combative offenders of any of these polices may be subject to expulsion from the event and where violations of the anti-bullying policies, or abuse of staff volunteers are noted, may be subject to additional sanctions by CLC or the SCA, inc.