The Pennsic War

The official website of the Pennsic War

Pennsic 51

July 26 - August 11, 2024
Mayor: Baron Estgar æt Hrofeceastre (OL, OP, KSCA)

The Pennsic War

The official website of the Pennsic Wars
Pennsic 51
July 26 - August 11, 2024
Mayor: Baron Estgar æt Hrofeceastre (OL, OP, KSCA)

Staff Directory

Below you will find each department and their respective staff. 

Mayor and Executive Staff

AllMayorEmergency Mayor

Baron Estgar æt Hrofeceastre (OL,OP,KSCA)

Mayor for Pennsic 51

Baron Manuel de La Rosa y Botella de Mirguela (OP)

Emergency Deputy Mayor

Syr Gunther KegSlayer (KSCA, OP)

Mayor 52

Mistress Molly Schofield, OP

Executive Assistant to the Mayor

Duchess Rustique du Sorde

Royalty Liason

Nasira Al-Zarqa Hatun bint Ivaz

Head of the Mentorship Program

Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge (OL, OP)

Tionnhéhkwen (They Sustain Us) - Morale "The Three Sisters"

Baroness Mahin Banu Tabriz (OL, OP)

Tionnhéhkwen (They Sustain Us) - Morale "The Three Sisters"

Lady Katla in Mikill Fyrir Sér

Tionnhéhkwen (They Sustain Us) - Morale "The Three Sisters"

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Bureau of Finance


THL Alays de la Salle, ODH

Pennsic Exchequer

THL Lord Torin Ironbow


Lady Sandy of the Horde

Chief Purser

Baroness Kathryne Sommerfeldt

Senior Forager

Mistress Rowena of Avalon (OL, OP)

Senior Forager

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Cultural Affairs


Baroness Katerina McGilledoroughe

DM Cultural Affairs

Mistress Tyzes ‘Zsof’ Sofia

Dean of the College of Performing Arts

Brehyres Gwendolyn the Graceful (OL)

Assistant Dean of Performing Arts

Lady Avelina del Dolce

House Manager

Lady Maire ni Sheaghdha

Technical Director / Known World Players Readers Theater Director

Abigail Whitslow

Bardic Track Coordinator

Lady Safiya al-Nahdiyah

Theater Arts Track Coordinator

Mistress Arianna Morgan

Music Track Coordinator

Mistress Aibhilin inghean Daibhidh

Bardic Symposium Provost

THL Siri Toivosdotter

Known World Choir Coordinator

Lord Dunstan Stonehill

Known World Choir Director

Lady Tangwystl verch Gruffydd

Children's Choir Director

Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope

Youth Choir Director

Lady Tangwystl verch Gruffydd

Youth Instrumental Consort Director

Dame Cynthia Anne of Silver Lakes

Chorulus Pennsicus Director

Lady Sonya Flicker called Patches

Dean of European Dance

Lady Mirabella Walmesley

Assistant Dean of European Dance & Drop Dead Deputy

Lord Richard de Troyes

Pavillion Coordinator & Trailer Coordinator

Lord Robert of Guildford

Pavillion Coordinator

Master Albrecht Catsprey

Music Coordinator

Master Gregory Blount

Web Minister

Lady Jana de Foresta

Middle Eastern Dance Assistant

Lady Safiya al-Nahdiyah

Middle Eastern Dance Assistant

Baroness Kis Maria OP OL

Dean of Middle Eastern Dance

Lord Aldred æt Aclum

Dean of the School of Games

Mistress Ciara McRobbie


Baroness Gina Dragoni

University Point Coordinator

Mistress Gwynnyd of York


Mistress Angharad daughter of Tangwystl

Deputy Registrar

Mistress Artemisia Lacebrayder

ThingWhisperer (Support)

Lord John Cholemodeley

Thing 2 Wrangler (Development Lead)

Lord Charles Tetley

Head Groundskeeper

Mestresse Leonete D’Angely

Family Activities Coordinator

Lady Maerwynn of Biedcanforda

Family Activities Deputy

Edekyn O Fierhie

Youth Track Coordinator

Larisa of Aethelmearc

Youth Track Coordinator deputy

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Event Resources

AllDeputy Mayor Event Resources

Baron Tree of the Forest (OP)

Deputy Mayor Event Resources

Lady Brit Taillyell

Newcomers Point

Helewyse de Birkestad

Accessibility Assistance

Lady Cillene O’Caollaidhe (OSW)

Newcomers Class Track Deputy

Baroness Margaret Lad (OP)

Deputy for Newcomers Point

Drucilla Ailleth (and helper Matilda)

Service Animal Liaison

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Event Safety


Sir Edmund Dracatorr, Viscount

DM Event Safety

Baroness Rhiannon of Ravenglass

Watch Commander

Baroness Amarie de St Denis (OP)


Baroness Emmalie the Faire

Parking Enforcement

Lady Osa the Archer

Parking Staff

Magdalena Txoperena

Waterworks Coordinator

Lady Astrid del Greenwode

Parking Staff

Gregory of Loch Swan KSCA

Law Enforcement Liaison

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Information Services

AllDeputy Mayor Information ServicesWebsite

Baroness Brise Sanguin (OP)

Deputy Mayor Information Services / Social Media

Lord Randver Kveld-Ulfr

Webminister -

No Results Found

Martial Activities


Vissevald Selkirksson

DM Martial Activities

Seraphina Della Torre

Assistant to the DM Martial Activities

Olaf Haraldsson


Baldric Leeman of NewCastle Emlyn

Battlefield Coordinator

Breyla La Viennete

Pavillion Coordinator

Brisi Thogrimsson

Woods Battle Coordinator

Magariki Katsuichi no Koredono

Tournament Coordinator

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Technical Services

AllDeputy Mayor Tech ServicesGeneral MaintenanceLine PainterRoad Signs

Baron Oscar Goerijs Goriszoon (OP)

Deputy Mayor Technical Services

Master Magnus de Londres (OP)


Master Aaron the Arrowsmith (OP)

Department Head Communications

Baroness Tysha z Kieva (OP)

Department Head: Beautification

Duchess Dagmar Halvdan (OP)

Dept. Head Surveying and Lines

Duncan McGuyver

Pennsic Laborers Guild Captain


Pennsic Laborers Guild

Moon McGryone

Pennsic Laborers Guild

Edgar Refskegg

Pennsic Laborers Guild

Simon Kermyrdin

Pennsic Laborers Guild

Master Wulfstan the Unshod (OC)

Pennsic Laborers Guild


Assistant Surveying and Lines

Lord Morgan Cardiff

Pennsic Laborers Guild

Duchess Rustique du Sorde


Duchess Thyra Eiriksdottir (OP,OL)


Lady Aldyth the Gentle




Sir Amundr Raudbjorn

Department Head: Roads and Signs

Knut Eld of Ironwood

Assistant Roads and Signs

Baroness Katarzyna Gwozdz

Dept Head Paint

Lady Aennlin Ulrich

Dept Head Electric


Department Head Staff Food

Nancy McGuyver

Staff Food

Baron Aaron the Arrowsmith, OP

Dept Head Radio/Comm

Baron Mikjáll bogmaðr

Radio Comm

Roseia Posey


John Patrick


Eric Benson

Information Technology

No Results Found



Zoning and Planning (Land)

AllDeputy Mayor LandLand 2Land Administrative StaffCamping LiasonHospitalityLand OfficeLand WebsiteMaps

Lady Tananda Densmore

Deputy Mayor Zoning and Planning (Land)

Athro Rhys ab Ismael (OP)

Land 2 | Land Web and Database Unit Head |

Lady Marit Rase

Zoning and Planning Secretary

Baroness Gaerwen of Trafford (OL, OP)

Land Office Department Head (On-Site)

Baroness Kelda Jurgenstochtir (OP)

Maps Unit Head

Shelby of Vagabond

PMAPs Manager

Lady Mordona Mayfel

Map Archivist

Master John Lyttleton

Map Artist (Large Illustrated Map for Watch Tent)

Amalie Reinhardt

Assistant Map Artist

Lady Rosie Posey & Lord John Patrick

(CO) Singles Camping Liaison

Mistress Constance Waite

Land Hospitality Lead

Sir Tarl Shadowraven

Land Hospitality

Lord Edward of Freehold

Land Hospitality

Lady Maggie Rue

Land Hospitality

Kathleen Wood

Land Hospitality

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The Pennsic War