Town Criers

Town Criers’ operate out of the Town Hall tent, located across from the Camp Store.

Office hours are 11 am to 4 pm, starting Wednesday, Aug 2 through Thursday, August 10. When we are closed you can leave a message at Info Point.

We post notices on the 26 signboards stationed throughout the town areas of Pennsic. Signboards are located at many of the bus stops and intersections around the campground, so there is sure to be one you pass by daily. These are updated daily with information from the Mayor, Bus Routes, and Official Event Notices. Please do not take notices or maps off the boards – take a photo for reference if you’d like.

Voice Town Criers cry the camp with announcement, when we have volunteer heralds available.

To volunteer for crying the camp or working at the table, please see below.

Contact Town Criers

If you need an announcement posted or heralded, please see us during our office hours.

For advance approval before Pennsic, notices can be emailed to the Town Criers. They will take a look and approve notices or suggest edits before you spend time and money printing announcements, and putting them in sheet protectors.

All Notices must be posted on the boards by the Town Criers. Any other notices will be removed. Please do not post notices yourself - bring them to us and we'll do the work.

Notices are for official Pennsic events only. If the event or performance is in the site book, and does not charge money, this is most likely an official event.

Notices should be delivered to the Town Criers office no later than three days before the event/performance date. We prefer to keep notices posted for least two days.

We need volunteers to cry the camp.

We also need Desk Volunteers to help with the paper postings. Spend your volunteer time in a shaded chair with a cool breeze blowing and we have places to recharge electronics while you volunteer!

You can email us about volunteering in advance or sign up at the Town Crier table in Town Hall.