The Troll staff tries very hard to make your sign in as painless as possible – please read through the following information, as it will make your Pennsic check-in more efficient.

All Troll Staff and personnel are volunteers who are donating their time to help your War start off smoothly. We try to solve any and all problems quickly and without undue stress to you. We ask for your patience and cooperation if a problem does occur.

If you have any questions, please email Troll.


When planning the activities you want to do at Pennsic this year, consider volunteering a shift or two at Troll.  Shifts are three hours long and we encourage you to invite your friends to join in the fun.

No prior experience is needed. You will receive training and have someone close at hand to answer any questions that might come up

Not sure yet whether you will attend Pennsic this year? Pre-register as "unpaid" so if you do make it, your information will already be in the system for a speedy check-in.

Coopers Lake Campground

Visit Coopers Lake Website

Not sure yet whether you will attend Pennsic this year? Pre-register as “unpaid” so if you do make it, your information will already be in the system for a speedy check-in.

The Pre-registration deadlines are:

By mail: Weds, May 31, 2024 (received, not postmarked)
Download a paper pre-reg form
Pay by check or money order (US funds)

Online: Friday, June 14, 2024 11:59 pm EDT
for pre-paid 1 or 2 week registrations
Pay by credit card ($10 discount for pre-paying)

Thursday, July 4, 2024  11:59 pm EDT
for unpaid registrations
Pay at the door (cash, debit/credit card)
(note – no land is allotted to camping groups for unpaid registrations)

Pre-register on-line

Please print out and bring a copy of your completed preregistration confirmation page, so Troll can scan your barcode and find your registration easily.


Pre-registrations cannot be transferred to another person.

If you are unable to attend Pennsic and are already pre-registered, you need to request a refund from Cooper’s Lake Campground, prior to end of day on June 14, 2023 (for a refund less a $5 handling fee).

Please see the Refund Policy for full details.

NO ONE EXCEPT One Land Agent or their Proxy, One Assistant, and the associated Minor Children arriving in a Single Vehicle MAY CHECK IN BEFORE NOON ON Friday, July 26.

Friday, July 28:

  • Arriving vehicles are parked on the Battlefield.
  • Check-in starts at 9 am for Land Agents, who will also be given priority for checking in after noon.
  • When a block’s Land negotiations are completed (on Friday OR Saturday), each camp on that block will receive passes for 5 vehicles to drive in and begin set up.

Saturday, July 29:

  • When Land Grab is concluded (usually by noon), all people camping with registered groups may drive into the campground.
If you arrive when Troll is closed, you can park and wait on the battlefield. There are Porta-Johns nearby. Please be aware: If you get a ride to the campground from someone who will NOT be attending Pennsic, they cannot drive you into the campground until we have someone available to escort them. Escorts are not available before noon on Sunday, July 30, so please plan accordingly. Merchants and those staying in the RV area are able to enter their spaces beginning at NOON Friday 7/28.

See the full schedule of Troll operation hours on the Coopers Lake campground website.
Troll uses tablet computers for checking in preregistered attendees, and for registering at the door. You need to bring a few things to Pennsic for Check-In– Entry Fee, Government-issued photo identification, and Proof of Membership (if you are an SCA member). You will also need to know the license plate number of your car (and trailer) for your parking tag. When you are packing, keep your IDs and proof of membership accessible. We cannot issue a refund if you find your proof of membership after checking in.

1. Entry Fees

  • Bring enough cash or a credit card to pay your entry fees. No Checks, Travelers’ Checks, Money Orders, or coins are accepted.
  • Even if you have pre-registered, you may still need to pay a portion of your entry fees when you arrive.
  • The list of entry fees can be found at the Cooper’s Lake Campground website.
  • There are no single-day admission rates for visitors; this includes family, friends and Clergy. Everyone attending Pennsic must pay the full fee, based on your arrival date.

2. Government-issued photo ID

All adults (ages 18 and older) and emancipated minors will need a government-issued ID. This can be national (U.S. or other nationality if appropriate), state, or local. The ID must include photo, name, and date of birth. Emancipated minors must show legal proof of emancipation, in addition to an ID. Some examples of acceptable ID are passports, drivers’ licenses, state ID cards, and military-issued ID cards. This is not a comprehensive list, just a few examples. If your ID does not have a photo, please have a secondary form of ID that we can check against your primary one (for example, a work/building pass with your name and picture on it, and a government-issued ID with your name and birth date on it). If you have further questions, please contact Troll.

3. Proof of membership

Adult SCA Members receive a $25 discount on their event fee. Please bring proof of membership for each adult member of the family checking in. Valid proofs of membership are:
  • a current SCA membership card
  • a Proof of Membership Letter (available at If you are planning to show Troll your Proof of Membership Letter on a tablet or smartphone, please download it before you arrive at the counter to check-in. Note that you may not always get high-speed phone data connections on-site.
  • a Kingdom newsletter label with your name, member number, and expiration date
  • other verification issued by the SCA Office in Milpitas, California.
The above items only prove membership for the individual named on them, NOT for family members. Fighters’ authorization cards are NOT acceptable as proof of membership. The $25 Membership discount cannot be given if proof of membership is found after check-in.

Anyone under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a parent, a legal guardian, or a notarized guardian.

A notarized guardian must be over the age of 21, and at the time of check-in must present an original, notarized (original seals, no photocopies or scans will be accepted) SCA “Minor Waiver and Consent to Travel/Medical Authorization Form” (often referred to as the “Florida Form”). One form must be fully completed by the minor’s parent/legal guardian and duly notarized on both the top and the bottom portions, for EACH minor child. NO other minor waiver forms will be accepted.

You will be required to sign a waiver in the child’s name before admittance. Lying on these waivers constitutes fraud and will result in your family’s expulsion from the campground.

Pennsic Site Rule #11: A parent, legal guardian, or notarized guardian must remain at the War for as long as the minor remains on site. No minor may be left unattended at the site.

Children’s Entry Fees

  • Infant age 5 and under – $20
  • Minor ages 6 to 17 – $20

Children 5 and under receive wrist bands. Their medallions will be mailed to the registered home address after Pennsic ends.

  • No pets are permitted. This includes (but is not limited to) ferrets, dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and snakes.
  • Fully trained ADA qualifying service animals – as defined by the ADA – are permitted at Pennsic. All service animals must be checked in at Troll by the Service Animal Liaison, who will be available between 8 am and 10 pm; please plan to arrive during these hours. To speed your check-in, you can submit a Service Animal form before you leave for Pennsic. Please see Disability Services for more information.
  • We will NOT give out personal information at Troll. This includes who is on-site and where they are camped. This is a privacy issue; please respect it.
  • You may not re-enter the site without your medallion or gate receipt! Remember to wear your site medallion at all times and to keep your gate receipt in a safe dry place. If you have a smart phone, take a picture of your receipt as an extra precaution.
First – find your gate receipt and photo ID and carry them with you at all times. Search your tent / pavilion / blankets. Search the last place that you remember having your medallion. Check your clothes from the evening before. Check the shower and other places where you might have taken the medallion off. If you still cannot find your medallion: bring your gate receipt and photo ID to Troll and see if we have the medallion. If we do not have your medallion, we will process your paperwork, and you will receive a special replacement item that you will affix to your body and will NOT be worn on your necklace or belt. Parents, if your child loses a medallion or bracelet, bring your child and your own photo ID and receipt to Troll. Replacement ID bands/medallions will only be issued to minors who are accompanied by their own parent or legal guardian. If you find a medallion please bring it immediately to Troll, or if Troll is closed, to the Watch Tent. Medallions may not be reclaimed from the Watch. Please check with Troll when we reopen the next day.

Troll will be open the following hours:

Friday 7/26 Fri 7/26 9am - 12am (midnight)
Saturday 7/27 12am -10pm
Sunday 7/28 8am-10pm
Monday 7/29 8am-10pm
Tuesday 7/30 8am-10pm
Wednesday 7/31 8am-10pm
Thursday 8/1 8am-10pm
Friday 8/2 8am-10pm
Saturday 8/3 8am-10pm
Sunday 8/4 8am-10pm
Monday 8/5 8am-10pm
Tuesday 8/6 8am-10pm
Wednesday 8/7 (Last day for Troll) 8am-10pm

Dame Hróðný Rǫgnvaldsdóttir

Head of Troll (Check-In)

Maistreas Maggie O’Donnell

Deputy Troll

Baron Arnbiorn Bassi Dansson (OP)

Deputy Troll