Dates of Future Pennsic Wars

Pennsic Wars start at the end of July, and run for 17 days. The end date is the second full weekend in August.

Opening day of Pennsic may be as early as July 24 or as late as July 30.

(Historical Note: prior to 2007, Pennsic War used to begin and end one week later than it now does.)


Previous Pennsic Wars

History of Runestone Hill

The Runestone was put in place at Pennsic 10 (1981). It can be found just south of the Midrealm royal encampment, at the top of the hill overlooking the lake.

The land around it is kept free of tents, and "Runestone Field" is open to all Pennsic attendees. It is sometimes used for private activities, such as Peerage ceremonies.

One side is carved in runes, the other in the Roman alphabet. The inscription shows a dragon fighting with a tyger, with the wording:

In honour of Pennsic X.
In war we test our honor, courage an
d strength.
Let no man strike in anger.
Let no man lie in pain.

The carving around the border reads:
The people of Gnomountain erected this stone and Lars carved it.

The carver was Sir Lars Vilhjalmsson (called "the Fierce"), and the College of No Mountain is in the Kingdom of Calontir.