The Great Hall

The Great Hall is used for many activities including Royal Courts, the Children’s Fete, and the Known World A&S Display. (This is the new location for activities that were scheduled in the Barn in previous years.)

The Great Hall is located at the intersection of Chandler’s Road and Dragon Trace (one block west of Troll and the Watch Tent).

Runestone Field

Located just south of the Midrealm Royal encampment (block W01), Runestone Field is a public area open to all. It is sometimes reserved for private activities such as Peerage vigils.

To Request use of the Great Hall or Runestone Field:

Court and activity organizers must request use of the Great Hall every year. You will not automatically be booked for a “traditional” timeslot.

Please make your request via the Pennsic University “Thing” scheduler

  1. Sign in if you are already registered as a Pennsic University instructor; otherwise, please sign up.
  2. Click on “Your Classes”, then on “Request a Class”
  3. Fill out the “Class Information” section
    • For the “Class Title”, enter your activity’s name
    • Select an appropriate choice under “Topic” (e.g. Court/Party/Event)
  4. You do not need to fill in the Private Camp, Age Restriction, or Handouts sections
  5. In the “Scheduling Requests” section select the date(s) you are requesting, and enter the exact time of day in the “Scheduling Additional” box
  6. Use the “Special Needs” section to let us know about any other details

Please note: Requests accepted before the publication deadline (May 1st) can be included in the Pennsic Book. We will continue to take requests after the deadline, but those functions will NOT be listed in the on-site book.