Exit Policy

Please clean up litter and garbage around your campsite and place it in the dumpsters. If the dumpster is full, please do not put your trash in front of the dumpsters – then the garbage men can’t empty them. You can stack them on the sides or behind the dumpster.

Leave all your firewood and lumber stacked next to the nearest road to your camp. The garbage guys won't take wood and have to sort it out of the dumpsters.

Please rake used straw into a pile and leave unopened straw bales next to the nearest road to your camp.

Please fill in the holes or ditches you have dug and mark them with flagging tape on a stick, a flag, or something else that can be easily seen. Thank you for the people who already do this, it makes for a safer Coopers Lake and we appreciate it. Marking where you dig helps us fix your campsites so you don't have divots the next year.

Please don't leave open holes. If you don't have enough dirt, please come to the war-room and we'll help you.

Before leaving camp, please extinguish any fires so that they are no longer smoking or smoldering.

For those of you who store trailers at Coopers Lake: don't overload your trailers. It damages your trailer, our equipment, and is dangerous for our drivers. Please respect our drivers by making sure your trailer has a balanced load front-to-back and is not too heavy.

When loading your car and trailers, please be respectful of your neighbors and don't block the road. Feel free to drive on the grass, but know your limits - don't get stuck!


Pennsic Rules

Below you will find rules and Policies in regards to Pennsic. Pennsic Event Guide Pennsic 51 Rules – April 2024 PW Financial Policy – APR

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