Newcomers Activities


I hope you all are as excited about Pennsic 50 as I am! Pennsic is the largest event in the SCA,
with a lot of different sights, sounds, and activities. For someone new it can be a bit
overwhelming and can certainly raise a lot of questions! That’s why we have several options to
help you get settled on site and answer any questions you may have: from structured
Newcomer classes through Pennsic University, to Newcomer’s Point where you can drop in any
time. Our staff and volunteers are committed to helping you feel at home once you arrive!

Newcomers' Point is a place where Newcomers can sit down, grab some water, ask questions,
and learn more about Pennsic and the SCA in general. We are also available to help
Newcomers get involved with their local group after Pennsic.

Location: in the same Tent as the Pennsic Watch, on the corner of Brewer's Road and Dragon
Trace, across from Troll

Hours: Sunday, July 30th through Wednesday, August 9th from 10am to 6pm every day.

Every year we have a special Newcomers's track of classes offered through Pennsic University.
These classes will mostly be geared towards those who are new to the SCA and Pennsic.

Please check online at Pennsic University Thing to see which classes will be offered each day.
Location: the Newcomers' Class Tent (A&S tent #20), located at the corner of Chandler's Road
and St. Lawrence Way, near the Great Hall.

Hours: Classes will begin on Wednesday, August 2nd through Tuesday, August 8th, and be
scheduled during the hours of 10 am to 6 pm.

The Newcomers Activities Staff will once again host a Newcomers' Social on Middle Sunday.

Newcomers are encouraged to come and meet other Newcomers, as well as Chatelains from
around the Known World and ask questions.

Location: Newcomers' Class Tent / A&S #20

Hours: Sunday, August 6th, 1 - 2pm

For those of you who are not new to the SCA or Pennsic, if you are able to take a little bit of
time to support these activities for our Newcomers, we will be incredibly appreciative. Let's work
together to make Pennsic 50 amazingly special for Newcomers! For more information, or if you
would like to volunteer to help, please email me.

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