Event Safety

Pennsic Event Safety staff are here to support you in having a memorable event. Here are some quick highlights to ensure that you all have a problem-free vacation: Refer to the Site Rules and Site Policies in the Event Guide, as they are designed to keep everyone safe. Remember to keep track of your children and belongings, always. Report […]

Department of Zoning and Planning (Land)

Visit the land website Newest Land Announcements Registration for land allocation opened on 2024-01-01.Coopers Lake Campground registration will close on 2024-06-14.Land group registration and most group updates will close on 2024-06-14. Please note that picnic tables are first come, first served, and that chaining them, locking them down, or in any other way securing the […]

Royalty Liason

Royalty who need assistance with their Pennsic experience should contact the Royalty Liaison. She can help you with items such as: Scheduling specialty tournaments, courts, and social engagements. Having kingdom activities listed in the on-site Pennsic book and on the Pennsic website. Arranging for battlefield tents/structures. Questions about camping, Land Grab, protocol, ceremonies, etc. Registering/camping […]

Town Criers

Town Criers’ operate out of the Town Hall tent, located across from the Camp Store. Office hours are 11 am to 4 pm, starting Wednesday, July 31 through Thursday, August 8. When we are closed you can leave a message at Info Point. We post notices on the 26 signboards stationed throughout the town areas […]

Information Services

Pennsic 51 is here! Pennsic Information Services division is composed of Information Point, Lost and Found, Pennsic Town Criers, the Media Liaison, the Pennsicwar.org website, Pennsic Social Media (Facebook & Twitter), and the Event guide. – Information Services Team At Pennsic you can find us in the blue and white Town Hall tent, just in front […]

Herald’s Point

Heralds’ Point is located at the intersection of the Low Road with the Great Eastern Highway, next to the playground/Family Point. Come to Heralds’ Point to get help with your SCA name and armory! Our heralds will work with you to choose a name that fits your persona’s culture, geographical location, and time period. You can then […]

Pennsic University

Greetings unto the scholars and students of the Known World! We of Pennsic University are looking forward to helping you learn. There are more than a thousand classes to choose from – peruse the class schedule and prepare to be amazed at the breadth and depth of the knowledge that can be found in our […]

Checking In (Troll)

cash register animated

The Troll staff tries very hard to make your sign in as painless as possible – please read through the following information, as it will make your Pennsic check-in more efficient. All Troll Staff and personnel are volunteers who are donating their time to help your War start off smoothly. We try to solve any […]

Accessibility Assistance

Accessibility Assistance is located in the Town Hall tent, across from the Cooper’s camp store. Accessibility Assistance is located in the Town Hall tent, across from the Cooper’s camp store. We will open on Friday, July 28 at Noon, and will also be open daily from 9 am – 5 pm through Friday, August 11 […]

The Pennsic War