The Pennsic War

The official website of the Pennsic War

Pennsic 51

July 26 - August 11, 2024
Mayor: Baron Estgar æt Hrofeceastre (OL, OP, KSCA)

The Pennsic War

The official website of the Pennsic Wars
Pennsic 51
July 26 - August 11, 2024
Mayor: Baron Estgar æt Hrofeceastre (OL, OP, KSCA)

June Update from Mayor 51

    Unto the Populace of the Known World, Greetings! The staff of Pennsic and I have been hard at work with the planning of Pennsic 51 for quite some time now, but as we roll into the new year, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I went to my first SCA event in 1996, and my first Pennsic was Pennsic 27. Over the years I have had a few names/personas; first, I was Angus Kerr, then Angus Pembridge, where I focused on the 14th Century, including being a founding combatant in the first Combat of the Thirty at Pennsic. For the last 9 years, I have shifted my focus and have been portraying an 8th century Anglo-Saxon, Estgar æt Hrofeceastre. I first volunteered at Pennsic 27, pulling a few golf cart shifts at the Watch; my friends told me it was the best way to see Pennsic, and they were right. I started working for the Land Department at Pennsic 30. In the years between now and then, I’ve also worked in the Watch, Cultural Affairs, and most recently, I have been in Technical Services, where I was in charge of the Sign/Road Crew. You likely have seen me driving around repairing broken road signs. Over the two decades of working staff at Pennsic, I have arrived at one immutable truth: Pennsic runs because people help. Without volunteers, Pennsic would not happen; it is as simple as that. And that is what makes Pennsic amazing. Ten

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Newcomers Activities

Welcome! I hope you all are as excited about Pennsic 51 as I am! Pennsic is the largest event in the SCA,with a lot of different sights, sounds, and activities. For someone new it can be a bitoverwhelming and can certainly raise a lot of questions! That’s why we have

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Pennsic University

  Greetings unto the scholars and students of the Known World! We of Pennsic University are looking forward to helping you learn. There are more than a thousand classes to choose from – peruse the class schedule and prepare to be amazed at the breadth and depth of the knowledge

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Checking In (Troll)

The Troll staff tries very hard to make your sign in as painless as possible – please read through the following information, as it will make your Pennsic check-in more efficient. All Troll Staff and personnel are volunteers who are donating their time to help your War start off smoothly.

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What’s new for Pennsic 51?
Rate Increases

  • Adult 2 Weeks gate fee is $265.00.
  • Adult 2 Weeks preregistration deposit is $230.00.
  • Adult 1 Week gate fee is $225.00.
  • Adult 1 Week preregistration deposit is $190.00.
  • Minor preregistration/gate fee is $0.00.

Troll Hours Reduced
Please double-check your arrival times because troll opens at 8am and closes at 10pm on most days. Troll is no longer open Thursday at midnight for the price drop to one week. Troll closes on the last Wednesday 8/7. Check the Troll page for details.

Pennsic RV Camping

The RV site map has changed. You can view the updated map on the RV Camping page.

Storage Trailer Movement

There is a $30 fee for us to move your trailer. This fee covers moving your trailer down and back. Please feel free to move your own trailer if you desire to do so.

There is a discount if you sign-up for Pennsic Trailer Early Placement (PTEP) versus requesting a move in the War Room. The PTEP $40.00 fee covers moving your trailer down and back two times.

Sign up to have your trailer pulled on to your site before you arrive at Pennsic by signing into your Storage account and going to the ‘Pennsic trailer early placement’ tab. Make sure to leave an entrance/exit path to move the trailer on/off your site. There is no guarantee your trailer will be pulled on to your site early.

For more details visit the Cooper’s Lake website.

Updated Parking Policy Traffic & Parking Policy Link

Important Dates

Registration BeginsJan 7, 202410:00am EST
Registration Ends (Mail-in)May 31, 202411:59pm EDT
Registration Ends (Online – Paid)Jun 14, 202411:59pm EDT
Registration Ends (Online – Unpaid)Jul 4, 202411:59pm EDT
Pennsic BeginsJul 26, 20249:00am EDT
Pennsic EndsAug 11, 202412:00pm EDT
Troll OpensJul 26, 20249:00am EDT
Troll ClosesAug 7, 202410:00pm EDT
Refund Request EndsJun 14, 202411:59pm EDT
RV Camping Registration EndsJun 14, 202411:59pm EDT
Pennsic Trailer Early Placement Sign-up EndsJun 14, 202411:59pm EDT
Pennsic Is here!
The Pennsic War